A USB Stick That Will Fry Your Laptop Within Seconds: Watch This Killer USB In Effect

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A USB that will fry your laptop: Beware not all the pen drives are good, according to the recent discovery and called the Killer USB sticks that can destroy your PC within seconds. This USB is being created by Russian Security researcher know as Dark Purple, which will fry your laptops, PCs and even TVs within seconds. This new device comes with the tagline […]

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All About USB 3.1 And USB Type-C Connector

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All About USB 3.1 And USB Type-C Connector: USBs had proved to be an important part of our Hi-Tech life, whether you want to transfer data or do charging of your devices. There are only few universally accepted technology standards as ubiquitous as USB(Universal Serial Bus). USB are being made more and more sophisticated to improve data transfer speed, but only […]