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10 Best iPhone Apps For Kids – Best Apps For Toddlers Learning

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The appeal of iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones is not necessarily restricted to the adult population. On the contrary, Apple’s flagship Smartphone and tablet models are equally appealing to the toddlers and children! You must be worried about the effects of technology on children but you can always use this technology advanced gadgets to help your kids in learning new things every day. It may not have occurred to you, but the iOS devices can serve as major sources of entertainment and education for your kids. There are plenty of iOS apps meant for kids that can serve both needs at the same time too. Your kid can enjoy small games and tasks while learning through these iOS apps. Some of these are freeware while some are paid apps.

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10 Best iPhone Apps For Kids – Best Apps For Toddlers Learning

Listed below are the best iPhone and iPad apps for kids and teens:

01. Sleeping Sounds

10 Best iPhone Apps For Kids - Best Apps For Toddlers Learning

This is actually an iOS app for sleep-deprived toddlers! If you find it hard to make your toddler sleep and have lots of chores to do accomplish- this is the ideal app. The app plays soft sounds and songs which make it easy for the sleep-deprived toddlers to fall asleep fast. Since it has got a 4+ rating, you can definitely give it a try. The good thing is that it cost you nothing.

Price: $1.99

Download: Sleeping Sounds


02. Vacation by Toca Life

10 Best iPhone Apps For Kids - Best Apps For Toddlers Learning

If you have been looking for the best free iPad games this is a worthy candidate. This app is kind of a digital game which is presented in the form of a vacation. It is also ideal for those looking for interactive games for kids with an educational bent. It lets the kids reach any pace they want like beaches, airport or hotel-virtually. The players can also choose to accessorize the characters. It is not a free game, but not too pricey either. Pay just £3.99 and play to your heart’s fill. There are no additional purchases in the game.

Price: $3.99

Download: Vacation by Toca Life


03. Blackboard Madness Math

10 Best iPhone Apps For Kids - Best Apps For Toddlers Learning

Do you have a kid at home who shows all signs of becoming a mathematical genius in the future? Blackboard Madness offers a fun way of teaching the kids basics of maths. There are a handful of Mathematics challenges to solve, the difficulty level can be simple to tough. The kids have to select correct answers and as they do, a kung fu sound effect is generated. This adds to the fun element. This app is available for free and it enjoys 4+ rating too. It can be deemed as one of the best educational apps for kids.

Price: NA

Download: Blackboard Madness Math


04. Bloom

This is among the best kids apps for iPhone & iPad aimed at musically inclined toddlers. It is a JV between software designer Peter Chilvers and musician Brian Eno. The kids can explore amazing audio compositions using the app. It is fun to use and interactive. There is hardly any difficulty and even kids below 5 years can use the app without taking aid from the seniors. It has a 4 Plus rating and a price tag of just £3.99.

Price: $3.99

Download: Bloom


05. Toca Dance

It is among the best kids apps for iPhone & iPad. It is available for just £3.99. The players have to select 3 dancers in this game and then accessorize them as per their desires. The next thing they can do is teaching those characters, some dance moves. This can be done by dragging fingers on the device’s screen. The kids are definitely going to love the app for its fun factor and enticing visuals. Additionally, you can pick from lots of music tracks. Funnily enough, the virtual dancers can be encouraged by throwing tomatoes and flowers. It is also among the best educational apps for kids that makes learning fun.

Price: $3.99

Download: Toca Dance


06. SquiggleFish

SquiggleFish costs £2.99/$2.99 but once you use the app, you will understand why it is so popular. The players get an empty fish tank. They have to draw fish to fill it up. The funny thing is the kids can actually draw fish using hand and pen and paper. After that, they can use the iPad’s camera to get the fish into the virtual tank. The app can also be enjoyed by teenagers as much as kids.

Price: $2.99

Download: SquiggleFish


07. Dinosaur Park Math

It is hard to find kids who are not fascinated by the dinosaurs. The Dinosaur Park Math uses the charms of the extinct gigantic animal of prehistoric times and throws in the basics of math to make learning mathematics a fun-filled experience. The app is also quite interactive. As the kids give correct answers, they unveil rocks with hidden dinosaur fossils. They also learn some facts about dinosaurs at the same time. You get a free version of this app too.

Price: $0.99

Download: Dinosaur Park Math


08. Farm: Toca Life

This is an educational iOS app for kids that focus on various aspects of nature and food cycle. The kids’ players get to explore several zones like the barn, the farmhouse, etc. They can experience procedures like planting, milking of the cow, harvesting crops, feeding the lambs and watering plants. The kids can also take part in those farming activities- albeit virtually. It is fun, educational and interactive- at the same time.

Price: $3.99

Download: Farm: Toca Life


09. Dino Tim

10 Best iPhone Apps For Kids - Best Apps For Toddlers Learning

This is a fun and exciting game for the kids presented through an iOS app. The plot revolves around rescuing Tim’s family from the witches. For this, the kids need to resolve a number of puzzles. There are a number of fun puzzles to solve and there are some geometric problems as well. The free game offers a complete package to keep the kids engaged and help them develop skills at the same time.

Price: Free – Offers In-App Purchases

Download: Dino Tim


10. Toca Nature

Now that a lot of people are becoming aware of the need to preserve nature and the ecosystem, they may want to teach their kids the importance of the same! For this purpose, the Toca Nature has a price tag of £3.99/$3.99 and it is best suited for kids over 5 years of age. Using the app, the children can create a natural landscape with taps and clicks easily and that can be quite exciting. There are plenty of activities and those will keep the players involved for long! It would be better if there was a provision to save the user created scenes.

Price: $3.99

Download: Toca Nature


These eLearning apps for kids can be used on the iPhone and iPad both. I hope the above apps help your toddler and you in all possible ways!

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