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10 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps For You When You Are Expecting

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Pregnancy applications provide you with all the information that you need when you are having a baby. However, you should not depend on the data solely offered by these applications. There is nothing higher than receiving proper medical advice from a reputed doctor. What you can do with these tracking apps is that you can log the use of the medicines, vitamins, and additional notes along with the provision to communicate with other moms-to-become. You can keep track of your pregnancy week easily and take proper precautions accordingly. If you are looking for the top pregnancy apps that give you complete control, here is the list!

10 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps For You When You Are Expecting

Let us have a detailed look at all best pregnancy tracker apps for you when you are expecting:

1.   Pregnancy and baby tracker from What to Expect

The tracker app from What to Expect is the best pregnancy tracker app among all. With the help of it, you can track and contextualize the growth of the baby. The measurements provided by it are okay, but you do not have to worry about the accurate measurements. You always have the results when you head for the checkup with the doctor.

Link for Android | Link for iOS


2.   WebMD Pregnancy

Scoring second in the list of top pregnancy apps, the Pregnancy app from WebMD is comprehensive. It hosts a symptom tracker, appointment organizer, kick counter, and contraction counter. If you are nostalgic with pictures of your belly, it gives you the chance to save them without compromising the devices internal storage. You can also browse through the blogs and articles relevant to the stage of the pregnancy when having a baby.

Link for iOS


3.   Pregnancy +

Pregnancy + gives you the opportunity to keep a count on the weight gain, baby’s kicks, and learn about the growth of the baby through illustrated visuals and charts. The track my pregnancy application provides you the chance to acquire a new information with each passing week. You can also get selfies if you are short of the pictures with the womb!

Link for iOS | Link for Android 


4.   BabyBump Pregnancy

The baby development application with countdown timer is helpful in keeping everything at a single place. You can have daily or weekly updates along with the chance to connect with other members in the forum. Furthermore, the built-in search helps in learning more about particular symptoms, experiences, and trimester. The feature-rich app is must-have for all the mothers-to-be!

Link for iOS | Link for Android


5.   Glow Nurture

Glow Nurture application provides an excellent opportunity for moms-to-be to keep track of the baby. They can further connect with similar mothers using the application and share their experiences. The information exchange helps a lot and provides a more profound perspective regarding the entire pregnancy experience. The app also features appointment tracker and a health log that reminds of crucial data that helps in keeping in good health.

Link for iOS | Link for Android


6.   Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is the best pregnancy tracker app for those who are expecting a baby. It allows you to track the growth, symptoms, and save photos over the period. You can further contact other members belonging to the community anonymously. You can keep away all your worries at bay by asking the right questions!

The application offers you the liberty to keep track of the baby developments. You can log pre-natal medications along with regular diet programs (if any). You can further use the graphical or fruit-shaped icons that resemble the growth of the baby with each week. You can change the setting to Parisian Bakery too!

Link for Android | Link for iOS


7.   The Bump

If all the top pregnancy apps are blending, then The Bump will undoubtedly keep you away from the crowded trackers. The adorable application is capable of tracking the growth of the child along with the provision to source articles and recipes according to your need. You can thus remain in control while you can still eat your favorite dishes! How cool!

Link for iOS | Link for Android


8.   Contraction Timer

With the help of the Contraction Timer in your hand, you can keep track of the baby and the contractions with ease. It is difficult at times to note the timing or write down the same. However, with this application available, you can just tap the button to start the counting and the duration with ease. Additionally, it will provide you complete details related to the same along with interval period between contractions.

Link for Android | Link for iOS


9.   Expectful Pregnancy app

If you wish not to take stress during your pregnancy period and have content information, then Expectful Pregnancy app is the one for you! The baby development app reminds you when you require meditation and when you need to take a deep breath. Apart from this, the application is also helpful for those who are trying to become pregnant, as it provides useful information related to meditation journeys that a woman can perform throughout the pregnancy period.

Link for iOS


10.  Hello Baby

Hello Baby is helpful for all the expecting mothers-to-be who wish to keep track of the baby. It has the best and cutest guides when compared with others, and they offer relevant information regarding pregnancy and the symptoms. Furthermore, the application provides interesting details and entertaining tips from experts! That is something that you do not find on the regular apps. You also receive weekly information about the growth of the baby, womb visualizations, mommy yoga, and more!

Link for Android | Link for iOS



Plenty of pregnancy tracking applications are available for both Android and iOS platforms. However, choosing the right app makes all the difference. Even if it is your first time or third, you will never have the needed time to record everything!  However, with the tracking apps installed on your smartphone, you can now save time, log details related to medicines, and receive useful informative tips! What more – you can additionally get in contact with other mothers-to-be for an entertaining chat! You can also involve in discussions, which helps you to understand numerous things related to pregnancy, symptoms, and experiences.

The use of the applications is further helpful in building a healthy community that comes to assist when needed. It helps in sharing experiences, encouragement during critical times, and it is a game changer for everyone who feels they are dealing with the episode alone!

Therefore, if you are pregnant, and wish to keep track of the baby, the apps discussed above will have a crucial role to play. Download them today and begin a new journey!


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