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10 Best Tricks to Make Android Faster

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Posted By Anshul Samaiyar

Android is undoubtedly one of the best mobile operating systems in the world of smartphones. Developed by Google, this is winning everyone’s heart. There are all good stats about this operation system. In fact if we name a smartphone, we associate with android. That is how it is ruling; however one feedback people have been posting on every social networking site is the problem of its lagging. This is not a demerit but area of improvement if incorporated can give great results.

There can be many causes for your smart android’s slow performance. The cache of apps that you have used and the temporary files that have accumulated in the memory of the phone can lead to this situation. Number of unwanted applications that you barely use but have been store by you only because someone asked you to is another major cause.

Let us have a look on the ten best tricks that can make your android run (using the term because it actually does) faster.

10 Best Tricks to make android faster

  1. Update Phone

Many people think that updating phone’s software is mere waste of time and occupies space but that’s a myth. It does occupy space but makes your smartphone faster. All you have to do is go to Settings>About Device/About Phone>Update the phone.

  1. Clear the Home screen

We all love to make our phone’s home screen appear fancy. This can really be a trouble at times and lag your phone. Remove the unwanted widgets and live wallpapers too as these actions can make your phone faster. Keep the home screen simple and clutter free.

  1. Disable unused applications

Smartphones mean a number of applications even if most of them are unused or have no utility in your field. Have a close look and find out which applications are not used by you at all. Uninstalling them can make your operating system lighter while your phone faster.

  1. Clear Cache data

I am sure all of us are aware of the fact that every time we browse a website or run an application of anything that is related to the use of internet, it leaves cache data which automatically gets stored in the memory as I already mentioned earlier. You can get rid of the flaky behavior of your applications and make the phone faster by removing those cache data.

  1. Turn off Auto-sync

Smartphone users tend to add several accounts to their phones and are left to sync. Doing this, you are not only letting the background get busier but also reducing the battery life. It is recommended that you turn off auto-sync for better results.

  1. Factory Reset

How about making your phone as new as you bought it? Well it must have raise eyebrows because we are worried about the data. You can take care of that. Back up all the data and factory reset.

  1. Overlocking device

Avoid locking your device unnecessarily. If you use more privacy settings, the more will your phone get slower.

  1. Anti-virus

Install anti-virus to kill virus and boost your phone’s performance

  1. Animations

Avoid using more animations features. If you are addicted, reduce the use of it.

  1. Remove Bloatware

The pre-installed applications that come with each smartphone these days cannot be uninstalled by you. They kill the better performance of your phone. You can root your android device and get this rid of this problem. Eventually you will have a faster android.

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