15 Best Android And iOS Apps To Chat With Girls And Strangers

15 Best Android And iOS Apps To Chat With Girls And Strangers: Socializing has been one of the biggest applications of internet and advancements in the mobile application industry. There are a lot of Android & iOS anonymous chat app to meet and chat with girls and strangers. Today if we look at the market there are many different socializing sites and application which can provide us with perfect medium to find out friends and get entertained. If you are looking forward to finding some random girls over the internet then the best way to find it is using applications which are specially designed for such purposes. There are many applications which can be used for socializing, but the best ones are as follows.

15 Best Android And iOS Apps To Chat With Girls And Strangers

Let us have a look on detailed list of 15 Best Android And iOS Apps To Chat With Girls And Strangers:

  1. Moco

It is one of the best applications if you want to chat with unknown people. This is a perfect application in which you can ensure your security and chat with people who are not known to you. The best part is that a lot of effort is taken to ensure that all the profiles that you come up with are completely genuine and not at all fake. This allows you to make friendship with real people with the help of Moco.

Install: Moco (Android, iOS)

  1. Meet Me10 Best Android Apps to Chat and Meet Strangers at Random

It was originally designed as a dating website to provide strangers a place to meet up and date. But today Meet Up is a very good and highly used friend finding service which can provide you with some of the most genuine people. It is one of the most popular applications in the market and has more than 100 million users.

Install: MeetMe (Android, iOS)


  1. Anonymous Chat

There are many free chatting applications available over the internet but this one has to be the best amongst the lot. The interface is very good and can provide some of the best people to have a fun time with. Profiles are genuine so that you won’t get cheated.

Install: Anonymous Chat (Android, iOS)

  1. Tinder

Tinder is certainly one of the most liked and hottest applications of the current time. If you want to hook up with someone strange then this is the best application which you get for yourself. In this application, only those people are shown who are near you and are interested in mutually meeting up or chatting.

Install: Tinder (Android, iOS)

  1. Chatous

If you want to meet up with a stranger and share photos and videos then another very cool application which you can use. It is very easy and can be used without any major issue. The privacy here is very high as it’s very easy to change the display name in the application.

Install: Chatous (Android, iOS)

  1. Tagged

This is just like Facebook which can provide you an opportunity to chat with strangers. If you want a place where you can get access to thousands of strangers then this is the place for you. Using it is very easy all you have to do create a profile and connect with anyone you like.

Install: Tagged (Android, iOS)

  1. OmeglersOmeglers - Chat with Strangers

This is a very popular chatting client just like Omegle in which you can go and chat with strangers. Omeglers will also ensure that your identity is not revealed and ensure that you get the best chance to chat with thousands of strangers from all over the world.

Install: Omeglers (Android)

  1. Qeep Chat, flirt with Friends

This is not only the best application for chatting with strangers but can also act as a platform to date with unknown people. There are many local users as well as international users who you can meet up using the application.

Install: Qeep (Android)

  1. Badoo

This is one of the unique chatting application which provides you with a very effective way to chat with strangers and meet up. In this application, you can find out the interest of the people and get a person who matches your skills. Your partner will be selected based on the common interest that you share. You can also select someone who is staying near you or someone from across the border.

Install: Badoo (Android, iOS)

  1. Twoo

Twoo is a very widely popular application which can let you chat with strangers. There are more than 150 million users on the application which can let you chat, talk and flirt with the one you like. There are many other features which can make the process of finding a perfect one very easy, these features include random chat, multiplayer games, photo sharing and much more.

Install: Twoo (Android, iOS)

  1. Chaatz

Chaatz is an award winning application which can provide you with some of the best personalities from across the globe. There are many unique features to this application which makes it a must use for everyone from a single person to groups. Chatting over the application is very fun and give you a chance to meet up with strangers instantly.

Install: Chaatz (Android, iOS)

  1. Anonytext

If you want a simple platform which will just let you chat with strangers and know their real identity then this is the perfect application for you. There are all the features in the application which can make the process of meeting up with a stranger easy as you can share pictures, chat with strangers and upload videos.

Install: Anonytext (Android)

  1. Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz has been one of the oldest application which has also been very active over computer platform over the years. It is a chatting application which has been used my many over the years and with mobile version one can use it for finding strangers over the internet. You can integrate this application with Facebook or Google and ensure that you get the friends to chat with.

Install: Nimbuzz (Android, iOS)

  1. We chat15 Best Android And iOS Apps To Chat With Girls And Strangers

The platform is very similar to that of Nimbuzz as this is equally popular chatting app and free video calling application. When you are using this application you will realize that there are many unique features which are not providing by any other chatting application. The emoji’s used in the app are also very good and can make it a lot of fun.

Install: WeChat (Android, iOS)

  1. Chat Roulette

This is a very fun application which can provide you a very good alternative to having fun with your friends. You can chat with random people from any corner of the world in a very unique and funny interface. It’s certainly a very interesting way to meet up.

Install: Chat Roulette (Android, iOS)

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