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Android Wear 5.1 specifications

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Android Wear 5.1 specifications

Android Wear 5.1, google’s latest version of android wear makes it easier to get to apps, brilliant more features, improves notification handling.




Google’s smartwatch operating system, Android Wear 5.1, designed for smartwatches and other wearables. By pairing with Android 4.3+ mobile phones, Android Wear integrates  technology and mobile notifications in to a smartwatch. It also adds the ability to downlod apps from the google play store. Android wear 5.1 is on its third major revision, this time it is useful platform that does what a smartwatch does best- handle notifications- making it the best platform. Android Wear 5.1 watches are only campatible with Android version 4.3 jelly bean and up. Turn on the watch, note the name  of it and find it in the list of devices inside the android wear app. Click yes to pair, let it sync for about a minute and enjoy the new world of android.

Android Wear 5.1 specifications


Android wear is all about cards, cards can be apps, notifications, information, controls and interactive tiles. A notifications, can display a small snippet of information such as an email subject and sender. Users can read the whole thing of email, just need to tap on it. A swipe to the left and can archive the emails or reply to it via voice, emoji.

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Its very simple to navigate the Android Wear 5.1, swipe to the left for more, to the right to dismiss or go back, up the scroll and down to hide. Tapping the watch screen brings up the pp launcher, with the small list of apps. Swipe to the left, bring up a list of recent and favourite contacts to send instant emails and messages or call. Users can also just say “ok google” to fire up Google Now for voice searches, making notes or launching apps. A palm over the screen puts the watch to sleep, as does a press of the button.

Apps built-in

Android Wear is mostly based around notifications and information snippets. Google’s apps includes fit, standard time-keeping apps, Google play music, calender, a torch app and Google search.

Google play music allows caching of music on watch, control of music on connected smatphones, while fit tracks steps- monitors heart rate, feeding back to google fit Android app. Others apps, such as email, camera and maps are already uploaded in watch.


Android Wear 5.1 has ability to connect to Wi-Fi direct from the watch, there’s no need for manual setup. When out of range of Bluetooth, the watch can automatically switch to Wi-Fi to connect to the phone as long as it has internet access. It works both across the same Wi-Fi network and over the internet using Google’s servers, like notifications, searches.


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