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How to Make USB Drive Bootable Without Using Any Software

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How to Make USB Drive Bootable Without Using Any Software: To make a bootable USB pen drive manually, without the use of any software we will utilize Command Prompt that is available in all windows versions. If you are having a USB Flash Drive that is not in use, you can convert it as the Windows Installation media.

First we require at least 4 GB size Pen Drive and larger capacity is not bad. Today I’l use 2 GB USB flash drive so demonstration purpose, that can be used to run Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1 on any PC.

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How to Make USB Drive Bootable Without Using Any Software

1) Launch the Command Prompt

Insert your USB flash drive to the computer system. Search for Command Prompt by entering “cmd” in search bar of Start Menu and right click on Command Prompt option and Select “Run as administrator”. You may be asked to enter your Admin password.


2) Open the Disk Management

To run Disk management utility type “diskpart” on Command Prompt and press Enter Key. It will get you to Disk management system.

3) List all active disks on your PC

Type “listdisk” (without quotes) to preview all active memory disks then press Enter key. Now a list would appear with all online medias and there full memory capacity. Just note down the disk number against your USB Flash Drive.

4) Select your USB Flash Drive

Type “select disk <Disk Number>” on command prompt and press ENTER Key to select it for further access.

5) Delete everything from USB Drive

Type “clean” and press ENTER Key so that utility can check for drive integrity and erase all data on it. Operation success message will appear on screen.

6) Create a Primary or Bootable partition

After cleaning of USB Pen Drive type in “create partition primary” and press ENTER Key. A message with “Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition” will be displayed and partition will be recognized as Partition 1.

7) Select the newly generated partition and Acivate

Type “select partition 1” (without quotes) and hit ENTER Key. After selecting type “active” and again hit ENTER that will activate the partition.(Also Check: Sony Xperia M5 Specifications and Price)

8) Formatting the Flash Drive

Now type “format fs=fat32” then press Enter Key. It will take few minutes to format the drive, if its a small drive otherwise it can take hours for a bigger one. Then type in “assign” command to allocate the drive a letter designation. Type “exit” for ending the disk management program.

9) Copy the Operating System you want to Run

Now your USB Flash Drive has become bootable, now you can copy the installation file of Windows Operating System you want to install. Copy all the external drivers you might require during the installation.

So these are all steps to Make USB Drive Bootable Without Using Any Software. There are more methods to do the same like using Window USB/DVD Download Tool, through USB_Prep8 and bootsect.exe software, or PC Repair Toolkit. For more details stay tuned with our website.

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