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How to enable and Configure Cortana on Windows 10

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How to enable and Configure Cortana on Windows 10: First of all let me tell you that Cortana is not simply a search feature. But its more that just like Siri on Apple IOS devices. It is a complete personal assistant providing all the things in one go. Here we will give you the basic step as How to setup and Use Cortana on Windows 10 Pc.

First of all you might be wondering as What is Cortana? Cortana is your personal virtual assistant in the latest Windows 10 operating system. Cortana will help you in accessing sports score, news too keep you updated, weather to protect you from rain, intense climatic conditions. It is also very much helpful with navigation and to set your important reminders as well.

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How to enable and Configure Cortana on Windows 10

Where to Find Cortana’s Settings??

We could find Cortana settings in its notebook. A notebook is a place where it keeps all its settings. So i order to access them, first launch Cortana and then open the Notebook.

After opening Cortana’s Notebook, it will show you two main sections in it:

  • The first option will we about you which will contains information like your name, your most liked places and the accounts that are conneccted.
  • The second option will help to setup the kind of information Cortana is allowed to access.

How to Change Your Name & Favorite Places in Cortana??

The About Me section in Notebook will help you to change your name for which the Cortana will know you. It also edit the favorite places of yours, like about our home, your job place and most visted places also.

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How to Manage Connected accounts in Cortana??

The Connected Accounts in Notebook option will give you the option to manage the accounts to which Cortana is connected. The only option available as of now is Office 365.

To able to connect your Office 365 account with Cortana, click or tap on Connect. Then, the Cortana will ask you to login into your Office 365 account. Once everything goes well and if it is authenticated, then your account would be connected.

How to Change Cortana’s Settings??

The foremost thing do is to check whether your Cortana is on or not. If you don’t want to Cortana work for you, click on “Cortana can give you suggestions, ideas, reminder, alerts and more”.

After this you will be redirected to a link ” Manage what Cortana knows about me in the cloud”. After clicking on this you will redirected to Bing account personalization webpage, where one can edit all the personal information collected by Cortana.

Going back to Cortana’s Setting, we will reach to a section of ” Hey Cortana”.

By default, “Hey Cortana” is disabled. If we activate this option, Cortana will then be able to respond whenever you say Hey Cortana.

Hey Cortana has two modes:

  • First you let let her respond to anyone
  • Second you can learn her your voice, so that it responds to you only.

If you want her to respond to you, then tap on Learn My voice button. Cortana will then start the learning process and will ask you to speak six phrases in order to get familiar to your voice.


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