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How to root Android Phone and Tablet

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How to root Android Phone and Tablet: Before getting into How to root Android smartphone and Tablet we must know, What is Rooting? Why Rooting is done? What are the benefits of Rooting Android Phone? What are the risks of Rooting Android Phone? Methods and steps of How to root Android Phone and Tablet??

What is Rooting?

Rooting an Android smartphone means unlocking the operating system also called Jailbreaking. It allow users to take a dive deeper into its phone’s overall system. It gives you the power to get into the entire operating system and also allows to customize almost everything  on your Android.


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Why Rooting is done??

  • Rooting is done to install the apps which are not approved by Google
  • Update the operating system
  • You can overclock or underclock the speed of processor
  • Replace the firmware
  • Customize almost everything in your phone

How to root Android Phone and Tablet??

First of all you will need to keep the backup of your Android to PC before getting started with rooting of Android Phone through PC. If you want to don’t have PC and you want to root the android phone using app only. There is another way around in which we can root the android phone without using PC and simply through using app.

How to root Android Phone and Tablet using PC??

You can easily root Android Phone and Tablet using PC and that is too simple. There is new window utility called King Android Root that makes it so easy that you just click it once and its all done . Follow the steps follow to How to root Android Phone and Tablet using computer:

  1. Download and install Kingo Android Root into  your PC.
  2. Enable USB debugging mode on your handset. To root Android phone and tablet using Android 4.0 goto Settings>Developer Options>USB debugging. To root Android Phone and tablet for Android 4.2 users goto Settings>About Phone>Developer Option>USB debugging.
    To root Android Phone and Tablet for the user using Android 4.3, 4.4 and 5.0 goto Settings>About Phone>Build Number>Developer Options> USB Debugging.
  3. Run the installed Android Root in your PC, then connect your smartphone via USB cable. Then after a moment or so, your Phone would be connected to your PC.
  4. Then tap Root, then it would start rooting your Android phone.

If you wish to Unroot your Android Phone and Tablet using PC, all you have to do is to run the software again and click on Remove Root.

Most of the time, rooting the device and unlocking the boot-loader are done at the same time, by the same program. Very rarely will you be able to root your device without unlocking the boot loader first.

Often software are required to be installed for most of the Android rooting methods. It might even require you to install the Android SDK. Also do make sure you follow the instructions on the XDA developer forum. You will also be needed to unlock your bootloader in one of the methods to root Android Phones and Tablet. You will able to customize your handset after you unlock the bootloader.You can also unlock the bootloader using websites. There the other ways to How to root Android Phone and Tablet with Towelroot.

How to root Android Phone and Table using Towelroot??

One of the easiest way in which you can root your Android device is with Towelroot and Kingo Root. It works on almost all the Android devices but not on some Motorola And HTC handsets. Towelroot will help you to root your android device just by simply downloading and running the app.

What are the risks of Rooting Android Phone??

Following reasons could be the cons of rooting your android device:-

  • Warranty cancellation: Rooting your Android Phone and Tablet can lead you to deprive of warranty that you were offered while purchasing it. But if you want to repair your device even after rooting, then simply flash the original backup you made.
  • Hanging up your phone: Whenever you try to change the everything of your phone, there is always a small risk of getting it wrong. So to avoid it, follow the instructions carefully.
  • Risk in Security: Rooting may put you in some type of security risk. It would entirely depend on the apps and services that you are using may cause it. For instance, Google Wallet service are completely refused by the Google for rooted devices.

This would be all for How to root Android Phone and Tablet. For more of stuff like this stay tuned to our website. Please do leave us comments for further moderation.


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