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7 Tricks To Free Up Hard Disk Storage In Windows

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7 Tricks To Free Up Hard Disk Storage In Windows-  There is a problem that we all face eventually that your disk storage runs out, doesn’t matter how big is your Hard Disk. Most of the time all the data on your Hard Disk seems important, so there is always a difficulty in loading more data on your drive. This problem is more severe in the case of Solid-State Drives(SSD) which provides lesser storage space for use as compare to Mechanical Hard Drives. So what to do to free up your hard disk without compromising with the data?

Here we are going to tell you some special trick to free up your hard disk for important files and applications. These tricks will remove all the junk files and data from your Windows PC. We are also going to discuss the use of some software tools that can clean up all temporary data and history very quick to secure your privacy. But this is not a prior concern right now.

7 Tricks To Free Up Hard Disk Storage In Windows

Run Disk Cleanup

There is a tool or program that comes pre-installed in Windows called Disk Cleanup. It deletes all unimportant data and temporary files(Junk data). There are two ways to access this tool one is- Right click on one of your hard-disk and select Properties from the menu. The other method is to search for Disk Cleanup from Start Menu.

Select the Disk Cleanup option from the Properties Window.

Then the system will ask you to select the type of files you want to delete(temporary files, unimportant files, and log files, and files in recycle bin. You can also delete system files but for that, you need to select Clean up System Files button if you want to but be careful while doing so.

After this click on More Options and select the Cleanup button right under the System Restore and Shadow Copies to delete system restore data. This operation will clean all data up to the last restore point, so before doing this make it sure that your computer is working well.


By Uninstalling Space Consuming and Unused Applications

If you want to free up your PC storage memory then look for uninstalling the space-hungry Apps. You might be having few applications on your PC which will be eating up a lot of space and doesn’t have much use. So remove those apps from your system. Now how to do this?, Well to do this you need to go for Control Panel. Control panel will be available in Start Menu or in My Computer window depending upon your Windows version. But you can get there easily by looking for Uninstall Programs in the Start menu.

If you are using Windows 10 then go to PC Settings and select System. From there click on Apps & Features. Now all Windows apps and user apps with its used data will appear on the screen.

From here you can remove any unnecessary Windows application or user applications. This method will also work on Tablets with Windows 10 installed.


Run Analyze Disk Space Tool

If you are confused to find out which files or folders are consuming most of your disk space. Then you can use one of the Hard Disk Analysis programs. Many such apps are available in the market but the best app to analyze your hard-disk is WinDirStat (Download from Ninite) and available free of cost. Just download it and run it.

After completion of the scan, WinDirStat will generate the full detailed report of all files and folder that are using most of your disk space. Now depending upon this data you can target the files that are using most space but be cautious during deletion. You should not delete any system file accidentally if you find any Sub-folder of  Program Files of the large size you have to uninstall that application to free that space.


Using CCleaner Software

We have already told you about the inbuilt program of Windows that can delete temporary files created by other applications. But it is not useful in case of Browser(Chrome or Firefox) cache memory that is stored on hard-drive. And interestingly this cache memory might be using Gigabytes of your memory space. So to clean this garbage data, you can use CCleaner software. The CCleaner is available to download free of cost and has a very small size. It runs more aggressively as compared to inbuilt cleaner and removes every junk file created by most of the third-party application. Furthermore, it sweeps off those Windows files too, that Disk Cleanup wouldn’t touch.

Find and Delete Duplicate Files

The best and most difficult method of getting back your disk space is by deleting all duplicate files and data on your PC. It is not easy to locate duplicate files in Gigabytes of data, so programmers have designed such software tools that can search and display them. There are many tools in the market to locate copy files but the best and free one is DupeGuru. But there is a limitation in the free version that you can delete only 10 files at a time, not more. But it will give you a perfect review of all files that are cluttering up your hard disk.

Reduce the Amount of Memory Space Assigned for System Restore

If a big space is assigned to restore points that are consuming it. You have the option to reduce this used memory space. But the issue by doing it arises is lesser restore point from which you can restore your computer system in case of any failure. If you are in an immediate need of memory space and ready to compromise with this feature. Then do this procedure and get a lot of space freed from there.


Disabling Hibernation

During the Hibernation processor saves all data in RAM over to Hard Disk storage(ROM). By doing so your current system state will get stored in hard-disk. Whenever you boot-up your system again it will start from that same state where you left it. The matter in RAM is getting stored in C:\hiberfil.sys file. To use this space for personal use just disable Hibernation completely.


So these are the best 7 Tricks To Free Up Hard Disk Storage In Windows. If you have any query regarding the use of any method, please share it.

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