6 Phone Charging Myths, Invalidated

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6 Phone Charging Myths, Invalidated: You must have heard people advising you, ” Don’t use the smartphone while it is charging”, ” Don’t leave it plugged in for whole night”, and ” Let it die completely everytime”, and ” Switch off the phone when charging it”- these are the most popular myths about charging the smartphone batteries.

The only thing the people don’t want to compromise in their smartphones is the battery. People relish even a 5 minutes of charging their smartphone before going out anywhere. But now a days smartphone batteries have evolved so much, thus making them smarter and easier to manage.

6 Phone Charging Myths, Invalidated

Here is the truth behind six Phone Charging Myths.

Myth 1: Using a non-branded charger deteriorates batteries 

Its not true that a non branded charger will destroy your phone’s battery. Though they won’t work optimal as compared to the charger of handset but they work fine.

But do make sure that you don’t go for really cheap brand charger as long as they are manufactured by a legitimate retailers. Also a experiment was conducted between the off branded charges and the knockoffs.

And the experiment results showed that non branded charges, though work not as optimum as the original charger, but works fine enough. Knockoffs barely even charge the handset properly.

Myth 2: Don’t use your phone while charging

Its not true that you should not use your smartphone while its on charging. People often believe that using a phone while its on charging will make the phone burst or can even give an electric shock to the user.

But that actually happened to the user while she was using her phone while it was charging. However the reports showed that she was using a non branded charger, not an original branded charger. So it is advised to use the manufactured approved charger.

Myth 3: Charge the phone only when it’s completely dead

You must have heard not to charge the phone until it’s completely dead. Its not true at all, as your phone’s battery might become unstable if you constantly let them drain to 0%.

Lithium-ion batteries needed to be charge often, not all throughout the day but don’t let them drop to 0%. Your phone’s battery has a finite number of cycles for which you can and a cycle is decreased everytime your phone is dead to 0%.

Myth 4: Don’t let your phone get off ever

Many people have myth that every time their phone gets off, it has adverse effect on to its battery.

But many experts have recommended the turning off the phone from time to time in order to maximize the life of the battery. You should atleast turn your phone off once in a week.

Myth 5: Don’t plug out your phone till it is charged completely to 100%

Most of the people believe that let the battery drain to 0% and then charge it completely to 100%. But everytime you let them drop to 0% or charge them completely to 100%, both shortens the battery’s lifespan.

Lithium-ion batteries need to be kept over 50% most of the time. And a good range for charging a lithium-ion battery is 40% to 80% in a single charge. Don’t even let them drop below 20%.

Myth 6: Don’t charge your phone overnight

Well you all must have heard about not charging your smartphone for whole night, and its nothing but a myth.

Nowadays batteries are being derived with such technology which knows exactly when not to over feed the battery once its fully charged. Its okay if you leave them at charging overnight but what really matters is the overheating. So do make so sure they are keept at a relatively cool area when plugged in.

This would be all about 6 Phone Charging Myths, Invalidated. For more updates and news, stay tuned to our website. Do leave us comments for any moderation.

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