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5 tips and tricks of Apple iOS 9 you still don’t know

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5 tips and tricks of Apple iOS 9 you still don’t know, it’s been a long iOS came into the picture. You might be aware about the major changes and feature upgradation by the launch of this new OS but there are more. We bring you 5 tips and tricks of Apple iOS 9 that can make your life easy and organized in many ways.

Still not updated to iOS 9, lets us help you. Learn how to download iOS 9 on your iPhone and iPad.

5 tips and tricks of Apple iOS 9

  1. Save your battery (iPhone only) : On a trip or a long ride and your phone might run out of battery, here is the solution by which you can save the battery and your iPhone will last long.

There is Low Powere Mode in Settings -> Battery which will kill the background processes and provide you few more minutes on your iPhone. There as auto pop up as well where to are provided with the same option when the battery hit 20 percent. It would wise to use if needed.

2. Hey Siri : Now Siri is tube steak of love for all the Apple users, this new update can help you teach Siri your voice that will help Siri to better recognize the sound of your voice.

Go to Settings->General page->Siri and allow “Hey Siri”.

After practicing a few of the phrases with Siri. Now when you say “Hey Siri” it will tell if the phone is charging or not. It is one of the shortcut you might want to try.

3. Abandon Slow Wi-Fi Connections : You can also make the setting where you can easily abandon slow Wi-Fi if the phone is facing problem with the Wi-Fi. It will alsw with to 3G/4G data.

To activate Settings-> Mobile Data Menu -> Wi-Fi assist.

4. Create Longer Passcode : Longer passcode is more secure and you might remember a 4 digit long passcode. Now you can have a six digit long passcode as well all you have to do is change the passcode. Now, the default length of the passcode has changed to 6 digits long.

5. Set Context Sensitive Reminders : Siri can help you help you remember important dates and events by setting context Sensitive Reminders. For Example when you type in “Remind me about this“. Here about this can be context sensitive and Siri can remind you about that.

Launch Siri by pressing the home button and simply say “Remind me”. To see all the reminders all you have say is “Show reminders”.

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