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7 Best free iPhone Games-That can be Downloaded for Free

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7 Best free iPhone Games-That can be Downloaded for Free: Are you looking for best free iPhone games? Well, we have got 7 best downloadable free iPhone games that are free in actual. Freemium hits iTunes or Google Play Store’s profit very badly, but freemium isn’t so much free at all. In most of the Freemium apps many online stores put-up skinner box scenarios in-front of users, where they can play “games for free” but for level-up or adding items they need to pay.

So we come-up with 7 best iOS games available online for free downloading. You can enjoy these free games with no tricks involved and without spending a dime. Let us see next the most popular games.

Freemium Isn’t In Actual Free

In first impression, Freemium seems campaign that will provide apps for free but the reality is different. Games are being made addictive from the year 2013, as many popular games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans are giving the idea of Freemium to struggling developers. Where, you just make one addictive app whether having big fun or not and no need to have complex Graphics, just make user addicted to it. Then put them in-front of a paywall to carry on further in the game levels or to add more items via in app purchases. User will do buy app-in-purchases as to get advantage over the competitors. Thus you will be hung up with the apps that were to be free but are now making huge profits.

But today the list of apps we are sharing might be having some in-app-purchase options but you no need to buy them. Games are completely available to you without any purchase barrier. You can remove the ads by doing some shopping over there but no compulsions.

7 Best free iPhone Games-That can be Downloaded for Free


One of the most popular games available online that is also called “the online version of Scrabble that everybody cheats at”. Playing words with friends is great fun and time-pass. In this free app you can play against your Facebook friends or some random person from all over the world. Of course there are other online tools which gives a high hand by giving suggestions. You shouldn’t be sensitive about others cheating using the same tools to get the high scores every time.

Words With Friends is a turn-based game that can be played at any time whether its commercial in between your favorite shows or during some long journey. The best advantage of Words With Friends that one game takes only 1 to 10 minutes to complete and you can even swap between WWF or any other title from the available list to keep the fun going on. You can download Words With Friends for iOS devices with ads but if you want to get rid of the ad interruptions you have to spend $9.99 bucks.

Download Here for iOS: Words With Friends


Bejeweled Blitz is very popular among youngsters and one of the best time cutting game. This puzzle game is all about matching three or more jewels that create a dazzling blast and you get a huge score. As our rest of the list Bejeweled Blitz is also very additive.


Rules are very simple just bring three or more jewels together in a grid by swapping with fingers. When it happens all three jewels will disappear producing a blazing flash and others will come from above to replace them. You can play this game offline but with internet connected the Bejeweled Blitz becomes a rewarding and full of social challenger game.

Download Here for iOS: Bejeweled Blitz


Dumb Ways To Die is the funniest game ever and also make you addicted to itself. Isn’t it nice if your full-day distraction also becomes the funniest game. In Dumb Ways to Die you have to save a hapeless group of amorphous characters from some sticky situations. The game is based on the famous series of Youtube videos and encompasses every interesting aspect from swatting wasps-off your character face upto flicking piranhas away in ocean.


But unluckily like other game developers, Dumb Ways to Die producers also released the new edition as Dumb Ways to Die 2 under same hood of freemium. This gives users an option of skipping directly to next level if they buy Sack of Gems without beating the previous level.

Download Here for iOS: Dumb Ways to Die


Does Not Commute is another famous game among amateurs and grown-ups. The game has everything from on-road challenges to history behind any opponent in the game. The Game starts with a simple car driving challenge where you have to drive from Point-A to Point-B in-time. Car runs automatically, you just have to tap on the left or right side to turn the stirring. If you finished this level successfully then game starts from the same point but now you will be in different vehicle and you have opponent drivers. You have to follow the same route but now obstacle vehicle keep on increase in numbers until the whole screen is full.


There are also few more interesting trades in Does Not Commute like funny pictures of other commuters, reckless jumps on the way, and sharp shortcuts to avoid traffic. In between all this you need to buck-up with timer for which rush for booster packs and powerups on the way, also you have to adapt with differently controlled vehicles that is again in seconds window. Pretty challenging but amazingly addictive.

Download Here for iOS: Does Not Commute


2048 is an upgraded version of your childhood game Sudoku and Fast Puzzler. Idea for 2048 had come up from the popularization of other web-based flash games. Full of strategies, 2018 gives a nice mind exercise game and fun at the same time. 2048 is very popular among youngsters and mathematicians where everyone struggling to put number blocks over and over till getting a total of 2048.

2048 is going to capture you for a while as you go no trying new strategies to win the game and beat other player’s strategies. It doesn’t matter how you get the best way to get a score of 2048, just start and try it out.

Download Here For iOS: 2048


Solitaire is one of the most popular games you have ever played on first time computer or mobile phone. We all have played it once in our lives if we are together on the same planet whether that on any Windows PC or any simple Nokia handset. The best thing of Solitaire is its simple rules and graphics. Developers of Solitaire didn’t put much efforts in graphic but still everyone love it.


But with all game developments happening around us, developers at Zynga are also trying to make out a way for game playing into a purchasable bite-sized pieces. But they are unable to put any more taste in Solitaire by adding some gem based currency. It will remain same to users, what Solitaire was years before. The pure form of Solitaire is still available free of cost to download and play.

Download Here For iOS: Solitaire


Crossy Bird Tappy is another popular and addictive game that you will ever play. If you have visited Android or iOS stores online then you will be knowing that Flappy Bird Clones had been a big problem. If you see game history, developer of Crossy Bird Tappy didn’t wanted to cash the USD 50,000 per-day paycheck so he removed the game title from app store, what happened was a total chaos other half-brained programmers came up with poor imitation of Crossy Bird Tappy.

Crossy Bird is all about finding the closest things and not to be any Flappy Bird. The game has few controls, interesting plying modes and terrible physics which is mind-boggling. The developer gets his money from the 15 second ads that pop-up at the end of every round. You have to adjust with this waiting time for carrying on with the free play but if you want to get rid of the ads you can buy full version.

Download Here for iOS: Crossy Bird Tappy

I want to tell you the truth, that there are no games online for iPhone or iPad that does not have Freemium options in it via in-app-purchases or ads, but still I came-up with this list of 7 Best free iPhone Games-That can be Downloaded for Free and also there are no obstacles to game-playing. Most of the online games are running a in-app monetary scams but above iOS games are not taking gains that way.

They would surely offer you in-app-purchases but will not break the entertainment chain. In most of the cases developers will make you addict of the game then put forward paywalls for further play or additional advantages but in here this is not happening. Luckily few puzzlers like Words With friends and 2048 are not asking for money for your entertainment.

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