YouTube’s 10 Most Viral Videos of All Time-You Missed

YouTube's 10 Most Viral Videos of All Time

YouTube’s 10 Most Viral Videos of All Time-You Missed: Since YouTube’s launch in 2005, it has changed the definition of digital media. YouTube has revolutionized the way we share our personal or commercial videos. But this website was not founded as way the it is today, but it started with a video of the site co-founder Jawed Karim at the zoo. After this first video upload, YouTube has never seen the backway. As on Today, YouTube has over 1 billion user and 300 hours of videos are being uploaded every minute. With these facts in mind we say, YouTube has actually changed the world to a different & better place.

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YouTube's 10 Most Viral Videos of All Time-You Missed

You can never make a guess that which video is going to be viral on Youtube. Go and check the Youtube history. Its been more than 10-years since very first video was uploaded on YouTube, even a simple zoo clip had given the biggest media-share website ever. To celebrate the decade of quirky and hilarious cat videos, skateboarders skating on videos, and family funny moments. During this a lot ordinary people had become famous and gave birth to many books and careers. Yes we are reminiscing about YouTube’s 10 Most Viral Videos of All Time-You Missed! such incredible videos lived through the times while others fade-away in internet obscurity. So if you have got few minutes to spare, just sit tight for these most hilarious and incredible videos that had been favorites of all time:

YouTube’s 10 Most Viral Videos of All Time-You Missed

1) “Britain’s Got Talent” Contestant Connie Talbot Wows Simon Cowell!

Views: 147,455,315

2) Barack Obama Hillary Clinton–Umbrella

Views: 148,845,302

3) Rewind YouTube Style 2012

Views: 158,648,773

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4) Obama Girl

Views: 164,490,081


5) The Ultimate Fails Compilation

Views: 165,612,500

6)  Susan Boyle –Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Episode 1–Saturday 11th April

Views: 168,335,468

7) Ultimate Dog Tease

Views: 173,371,866

8) The Sneezing Panda Baby

Views: 218,538,682

9) Evolution of Dance

Views: 293,703,170

10) Charlie Bit My Finger-Again

The video of two cute siblings having fight had been the most hit and popular video ever.
Views: 829,285,388

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