Lumen :-Flashlight that operates on body heat

Lumen :-Flashlight that operates on body heat: From the very beginning mankind is mad about the renewable source of energy and it can be a huge leap to the future. Yes, a new device is in the market, which operate on body heat condemned Lumen

The best part is the creator who is just 15 year’s old Anne Makosinski from Google 2013 Science Fair. The device works on the same principle, but is more compact and efficient and ready to be in the market.

It can be just a flashlight but think if the same technology can help us charge our phone and so many things around us. You will know how this technology work and what is the price of this new gadget.

Lumen :-Flashlight that operates on body heat : How does it work?

Just think of the light that doesn’t need any battery just a relaxation to all those waste which humans are creating and it can be also called the light forever.

The device is simple as a machined metal frame, a single LED which is bright enough and a big thumbprint for where the device will consume the energy. All you have to do is place the thumb in that area and the theremoelctric generator captures the energy from the way electrons move around them and when there is temperature differential the light glows.

Yes, it’s a lot of the scientific term that can in which you might want to know, lets have a look at the working of this new Lumen.

Lumen :-Flashlight that operates on body heat : Price

You can pick this simple and efficent at the price is $35. There is the titanium body also available which comes with the radioactive hydrogen isotope which is completely safe and will glow till 10 years. So, we end up saying it is the light forever.


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