11 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Google

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11 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Google: There are some lesser known search tips and hacks about Google. But today you will get to know about most of them from this post.

11 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Google

1st Tip: Search for “tilt” or “askew”……oh wait….you know what… page will tilt.

2nd Tip: Search for “do a barrel roll” or ” Z or R twice”……yes… will spin your page.

3rd Tip: If you want to recursively run searches for recursion? Then, search for “recursion.”

Recursion is a process of repeatings things in a self similar way. For example, if you place the surfaces of two mirrors in excatly a parallel manner with each other, what you see about the nested images are a form of infinite recursion.

4th Tip: When you will ask Google to “Define anagram”, it will lurr out the Google’s playful spirit.

5th Tip: And a search of ” Anagram” brings up ” nag a ram.”

6th Tip: A search for special days will help you with holiday dates and will help you get reminders on Google Now.

7th Tip: If you want to know about the popular books by an author, then search for “Books by….”

8th Tip: A search for “Songs by……” will present you with a list of popular songs by any artist.

9th Tip: A search for “zerg rush” will create a search page beig eaten by ‘O’s. Click each O three times to kill them. TRY IT……..WE’LL HAVE A BREAK.

10th Tip: If you want to calculate a tip of your bill? Just search for “Calculate tip.”

  1. Move the decimal point in your final bill one place to the left to get $6.078 from $60.78
  2. Round up to the next easy number: $6.0.
  3. Double that number to get $12.0, which is 20% of your original bill.

11th Tip: Go to Google Images and search for “Atari Breakout.”

This would be all about 11 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Google. For more updates, stay tuned to our website.

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