6 Apps that will make your relationship better

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6 Apps that will make your relationship better : Yes, there is some app which is available in both android and iOS to make your relationship better. This might be wired for many, but apps can actually make your life easier. We will discuss all those which include voice chats, the reminder and also tracking the location.

6 Apps that will make your relationship better

All these are apps are available for you on Android and iOS


  1. Jink :- With the help of this cool app you can send the location of yours to your friend and the set a date or met up, this app to automatically turn off the location sharing. It is similar to find my friend app, but the best part is the temporary GPS tracking.
  2. Cord :- It is similar to all those chat apps that are present, but the features which make it a stand out is the voice feature, where you can send and receive messages  in voice. It is super easy and a lot fun which made a bit more romance in your story.
  3. Companion :- This app would be helpful and dangerous at the same time, this app will help you track your bf/gf. Yes is a good way you can track if she reached home safe and the dangerous way is understood.
  4. Qik: – It is again a chat app, but according to the recent study the messages which we send over these apps are not encrypted and wasp is the worst I that, but this app is known for the private chats and more over its most secure version of the snapshot.
  5. GooglePhotos :- Got tons of photos and running out of memory use Google photos which the best app for organizing of photos and more over you can transfer the photos onto the cloud.
  6. Avocado :- Here comes the king where you need everything under the same hood these app is known for photo sharing, list making and chat app. The best part is the it organizes all communication under one place.

That was 6 Apps that will make your relationship better and we hope you will try some of the apps and do tell of there are other we will love to add them in the list.

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2 thoughts on “6 Apps that will make your relationship better
  1. Rajnish Kumar

    Thanks Dexter, I think you have created a list of great apps, I hope these apps will help me in establishing my relationship again.

    • Admin

      Thank you, Ranish for this nice appreciation. This means a lot to us, we will try to get more important information in the best way possible.

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