Play PSP games on an Oculus Rift with this VR emulator

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Play PSP games on an Oculus Rift with this VR emulator: 2Eye Guy Oculus developer has created a PPSSPP VR for PSP games and it works better than the original. It will give the latest PSP a new life that is virtual reality. This PPSSPP VR is so clear which will give you the feeling of actually being inside the PSP games. This will make you to think that you are not playing on the screen, although you are inside the virtual world. Large number of PSP games can be work perfectly on this simulator which includes Wipeout Pure, Final Fantasy and Sta Wars Battlefront II.

2EyeGuy has converted classy games into full VR but he is behind Dolphin VR for Nintendo Gamecube. PSP emulator bumps the resolutions and will bring stereoscopic 3D, PRE wraping and head tracking to the games. Final Fantasy 7 is played so fine, but certain features will not work, features like motion sickness prevention, button combination for hotkey and Direct 3D support. You have to recompile your game as it appears that some hardware setup don’t work.

Play PSP games on an Oculus Rift with this VR emulator

According to those persons that have tested it, they said emulator works nearly flawlessly with Oculus Rift with no additional setup required in it. Everyone love the idea of not only playing new games which are specially created for VR games but being able to play older games in new way.

PPSSPP VR renders PSP game geometry and it not only adds 3D stereoscopic to the game but also add pre-warping and head tracking. Game compatibility appears to be virtual real as it is improved version too. The best thing about PPSSPP VR is that you can play the old games in advance form and it will make you to feel that u are not just playing, as you are into the game as it is so real.

PPSSPP  VR games not only add true stereoscopic 3D effect to the game but it also includes head tracking and pre-warping. Which means that when you stick your face into your rift with running PPSSPP VR running, you will involve in the game with the ability about gameworld in 3D with a higher resolution power.

This new version of Play PSP games on an Oculus Rift is one of the best emulator ever designed by 2Eye Guy Oculus, as per expectations you are going to love it.

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