Apple iphone 7- A next generation iphone with IOS 10

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Apple iphone 7- A next generation iphone with IOS 10: Apple known for its best world class phones and laptops is going to launch its next-generation iphone in 2016, Apple iphone 7. The iphone 6 and 6s are barely launched, but iphone7 rumours are already flying like a fire. Apple applied for patents that can give us some information about its new feature in apple,s next iphone 7.


The web is full of speculations about new iphone that will launch in 2016, in this, we will show you all rumors about the iphone7, about its design, specs, features, iphone 7 photos. In this iphone 7 rumors article we cover a lot of information, hints, general speculation about the iphone 7. Here are some highlights of new featured iphone7.

  • Apple will launch this new iphone 7 in sep-2016
  • Phone will feature 4.7-inch display for iphone 7 and 5.5-inch display for iphone 7 plus.
  • Iphone 7 get a substantial physical re-design of its existing modals like iphone 6. This time iphone 7 will be thinner than ever, cut-down headphone socket patent into action.
  • Phones battery life little better than in iphone 6s and Apple’s larger-screen iphone have decent batteries already.
  • Higher screen resolution, Apple well apple the pixel density of iphone 6s and 6s plus, so in higher model it could go even higher. Harder screen material would play well, Apple manages to resurrect the sapphire situation or goes with Corning’s new Project Phire.
  • 16GB will surely be lowest storage offering. But we hope iphone 7 to start with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions.
  • More specification of iphone 7 includes Edge-to Edge screen, bezel free display, wireless charging, water proof, ‘Joystick’-style Home button for gamers, dynamic home button.

Apple iphone 7- A next generation iphone with IOS 10

What is iphone 7 ?

Iphone 7 isn’t the seventh iphone of the company, iphone 6s and 6s lus were the 11th and 12th iphone in the products 9th generation, so we call iphone 7 is the Apple’s next generation iphone.



Iphone7 design

Apple usually keeps the same design for two generations of iphone. Before unveiling a physical redesign, we expect iphone 7 to be different in look and design. Some rumors proved that iphone 7 wont have a Home button. 3D touch may provide Apple with a way to eliminate the home button on the phone, move touch ID reader to potentially side of phone to remove the home button.


Slim headphone plug patent suggest next iphone 7 cuold be thinner than iphone 6s. We suspect the company may trim a few millimeters to cut-down headphpne connector. Company will provide the non-metal boby in next generation iphone, iphone 6 and 6 plus were the last iphone to be made of metal, but iphone 7 have a chassis made of something else.

Iphone 7 display                   

Apple is using Sapphire glass in display of Apple watch, its possible that the company is now ready to import this material into its smartphone lin-up. Sapphire glass is more durable than gorilla glass. Sapphire glass sounds nice, just because of this, the company that makes Gorilla Glass has responded to the looming threat of Sapphire glass, announced a new development at the start of feb-2015, an ultra-hardened composite material known by the name Project Phire. We have to wait until its launch to see rather it will come with Sapphire or Gorilla glass.


Iphone 7 come with IOS 10

iOS 10 is also likely to introduce new features at a software level. Among the features we’re hoping to see in iOS 9, improved parental controls and group FaceTime calls.

Iphone 7 hardware

The prediction that the A10 processor in the iPhone 7 will have six cores – a huge leap after sticking with dual-core systems-on-a-chip from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It would make this iphone the beast of smartphones. “Apple may dual-source the LTE modems in its new iPhones from both Intel and Qualcomm. Today, Qualcomm’s 9X45 LTE chip is baked into all iPhone modems.” If a partnership does come about, then sources say that Apple “could turn to Intel to build a new system-on-a-chip (SoC) in the future, which combines both the processor and LTE modem.” This would help to save space and make the phone run faster.

Iphone 7 camera and battery


Iphone 7 will launch with more pixel density and increase megapixel rating, after the iphone 6s and 6s plus, 12-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front facing camera. Apple is pondering a bold new camera miniaturization technology based on what it calls “a light splitter cube”. Company will pach strong battery than in iphone 6 with feature of wireless charging.


For all iphone 7 detailed specification, we have to wait until its launch next year. This article is all about Apple iphone 7 officially launch next year with some add-on features. Leave ua comments for any review.


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