10 More Hidden Features Of iOS 9 To Explore

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10 More Hidden Features Of iOS 9 To Explore: iOS 9 is still far from par and got many features still hidden to users. Today we came up with 10 more cool tricks or features of  iOS 9 that will enhance your experience with iPhone or iPad. So not Wasting time I am directly going to tell you those 10 features inside your upgraded iOS 9.

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10 More Hidden Features Of iOS 9 To Explore

WiFi Assist

When you activate WiFi Assist, your phone will not bother you about slow WiFi networks available but will keep eyes open for faster network connections. By default this feature is pre-activated but you can change your preference at any time by going to Settings>>Cellular>>WiFi Assist.

iCloud Drive App

Now iCloud Drive is easily accessible as an inbuilt app on your iPhone’s Home Screen. You can upload data on your iphone using this app and can later access it from any of your Apple device, whether its iPhone, iPad or MacBook. In earlier versions of iOS, the iCloud was accessible but user needed to use some specific apps like Keynotes and Pages.

As iCloud App is not pre-enabled, you have to activate it. For doing this go to Settings>>iCloud>>iCloud Drive then select Show On Home Screen Option.

After activation open iCloud Drive app and login to your account, you will see your data files arranged in folders. If you want to edit files on iCloud then you have to export it using Share Button then edit it via any compatible tool.

Phone Number Lookup

Many times you receive mysterious calls from some unknown number. But now those calls are no longer mystery, as whenever you recieve such call Siri will look for information in your Mail App and shows you the most appropriate suggestions for who that may be. Also when you receive an e-mail from anyone outside your contact list the contact information of that person will get saved automatically in your phonebook as Maybe: X.

Improved Apple Pay

Apple’s recently launched mobile payment system has been upgraded from standard credit card facility to store information for various retailer loyalty cards and credit cards. In startup Apple has included American Express, MasterCard, and Visa card now it has also included the Discover Cards option in Apple Pay.

iOS 9 also checks whether any merchant accepts the Apple Pay or not, before you go for it. For fact, Apple Pay is now acceptable at various big hotels, chain stores, and restaurant including Subway, Whole Foods, Panera Bread, Macy’s, Staples, and GameStop.

Add Any Attachment

If you upgrade to iOS 9 then you will be able to add any type of file in your mails. Just click Add Attachment to add files from Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and Google Drive in compose window. Previous versions of iOS allowed only images to be added as attachment.

Group Notifications

Before iOS 9 all the notifications in iOS gets grouped in time respect but now with iOS 9 you will be able to order or group notifications by app. For doing so go to Settings>>Notifications>>Group By App.

Intuitive Back Button

Now it is easier and seamless to swap from app to app with new back button. The back button is provided on top left corner of the active window. Let’s say you were writing a text and midways a notification from Twitter appears. You can scroll to your Twitter app to check the notifications and get back to the text by tapping the top left corner Back button.

Expanded Health Graphs

iOS 9 also includes a comprehensive graph option in its Apple Health app to monitor the trend of your health habits. To access this graph in Apple Health just tilt your iPhone horizontally. But still the information and amount of details depends upon the gadget you are using to track your health and app installed over your phone. The graphical representation can be used to  track the heart rate, sleep, and flights traveled.

Photo App Updates: New Features and Hide Images

There are a few up-gradations in Photo app that comes with iOS 9. With these new features Photo app has become more simple and handy. One addition is the automatically generated folders for screeenshots and Panoramas which saves all your screenshots and Panoramas. Also a selfie folder is included with these folders where all your selfie attempts gets saved and you can access them easily from there.

If some of them are so creepy and weird attempts which you don’t want the world to see them, then you can hide them on your iPhone. First select the photos you want to hide then click the bottom left button. A menu with all the options available to handle the images will appear, select the Hide option at the bottom of the screen. Now photos you selected to hide will be available in separate folder and not in camera roll folder. Now if you want them to get into your camera roll folder then select the images and tap Share button and select Unhide option.

Instant Music

iOS will give access to your recent music app whenever you plug-in your headphones by displaying a small icon, by clicking on this icon you can access the music app directly. If your screen is locked then tap and slide up the icon you will be directed to Music app directly. The same function will bring you back to other services or app you were using.

There is a catch, if you were using iBook recently and not music, then on plugging in headphone the iBook icon will appear on screen bottom instead of Music icon, which enables you to access the recent book you were reading.

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