5 insane things to do with your old iPhone

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Many say old is gold, is it true? But seems like t doesn’t apply on iPhones. The launch of new iPhone 6S will urge to buy it. The questions arise what to do with your old iPhone? You can surely donate , exchange and sell it. In this post you will come across come of the real cool things you can do with your old iPhone. In order to do that all you need are some gadgets and apps.

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5 insane things to do with your old iPhone

  1. Clock :- This is one of my favorite where you can convert your iPhone into fancy clock. We recommend you the app Standard time, with the help of this app you can use as a non-stop clock.

Not just the clock, use it like the flexible alarm with the help of using the same app. Having trouble sleeping? There is  an app called sleepbot which will play a soothing music that will help you to sleep.

2. Surveillance Camera:- There are apps that can be used as a surveillance system that will convert your old iPhone in flexible live stream that and also record clips. You can also use a viewing stand which will cost around $100 that will rotate your iPhone to 360 degrees.

3. Remote Control:- Got multiple remote in home that can be for television or it can be speakers. There are pretty sleek apps that can be used for control of audio levels many more such uses.

4. Music for your car:- Now a days there are Bluetooth enables car, so use your old iPhone as music in the car and storage for your music file. You can also buy a dock for the iPhone, which will help navigate your musical options hands-free and also can be used for navigation.

5. Smart Home Controller :- Do you remember Jarvis from Iron Man? Yes, you can not have the entire same, but some of the features where you can connect into your home’s electrical system next to a light switch and serve as permanent smart home controller similar to wall charging dock by Savant Systems.

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These were our 5 insane things to do with your old iPhone. Do you have more option which you would like to share with our readers? Feel free to comment down and share the knowledge. If this post was helpful do share the knowledge.

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