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You’re Unknowingly Killing Your iPhone’s Battery with these Charging mistakes

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You’re Unknowingly Killing Your iPhone’s Battery with these Charging mistakes: The most common and the number one complaint for the iPhone users is the battery life that it offers. And the fact that the iPhone 6S has a lower battery capacity than the iPhone 6 is an another worrisome fact.

Well, there is nothing one can do about a company’s preset limitations for a smartphone’s battery but there are many things you can do it to deteriorate your battery life further.  The most common offensive act that people commit against killing its phone’s battery is leaving the phone plugged in even its fully charged. People often search for battery charging tips and tricks, or they often wonder how to charge the phone’s battery and make it efficient. And there are many other way in which You’re Unknowingly Killing Your iPhone’s Battery with these Charging mistakes.

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You’re Unknowingly Killing Your iPhone’s Battery with these Charging mistakes

Charging the battery to 100%

The most common myth among the people is Don’t plug out your phone till it is charged completely to 100%. But maintaining a full charge is not the efficient way to keep your battery strong. Infact, the most experts suggest avoiding the charge to 100% but they recommend to keep the battery level between 30% to 80% throughout the day. So avoid charging it to 100% instead go for more frequent and short bursts throughout the day.

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Letting your phone die to 0%

Most of the people believe that let the battery drain to 0% and then charge it completely to 100%. But everytime you let them drop to 0% or charge them completely to 100%, both shortens the battery’s lifespan as it weakens lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries need to be kept over 50% most of the time. And a good range for charging a lithium-ion battery is 30% to 80% in a single charge. Don’t even let them drop below 20%.


Using the wrong charger

The original Apple charger is specially designed to cut off charging as soon as the battery reaches 100% but the other cheap USB cords are not upto mark. And they can harm the battery by excessively charging the battery and they can even the burst the battery as well.

 Leaving the battery empty for a while

If you want don’t want to use your iPhone for a while, make sure that the battery is charged to at least 50%. According to Apple, if your battery is left to discharged for a long time, then it will fall into state of deep discharge that can lead to reduction of battery capacity in future. And also if the battery charged to 100% and isn’t used for a while, can also adverse its capacity. So its better to stick around 50% to be safe.

 Overheating the battery

Okay, this ain’t related to charging issue but is equally more important. You must have noticed your device not working properly when its overheated after you left in the sun. It is due to fact that batteries really hate extreme temperatures. According to company, the comfort Zone for iPhone and rest Apple gadgets is between 0 and 35 degree Celsius.

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