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PolyPi Raspberry Pi Point And Shoot: Make Your Own Camera

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PolyPi Raspberry Pi Point And Shoot: Make Your Own Camera: All Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, who are looking for an amazing and innovative project then you should be interested in this PolyPi camera. This project leads to a point and shoot instant camera which is powered by Raspberry Pi SoC board mini PC.

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PolyPi Raspberry Pi Point And Shoot: Make Your Own Camera

The PolaPi camera captures pictures instantly and prints them at the same time using Thermal printer. By using this amazing camera not only makes you able to capture the images and show to your friends but also you can surprise them by actually giving them physical picture.

But the demerit of this camera is that its not purposeful for shooting high quality pictures and printing them but the aim is to print cheap price images. It gives tiny and monochrome prints but at very cheap price and in few seconds. PolyPi Raspberry Pi Point And Shoot Instant camera uses very much affordable and cheap parts and programmed with simple Java program. It is a Polaroid-style camera which is not targeting at capturing or printing high quality images.

The camera features a small display of size 2.8-inches with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and resistive touch type. Display supports only 16-bit color pixels and it the Raspberry Pi 2, TFT screen, a 74 VDC Li-Polymer battery, thermal printer, trigger button, 5V regulator, and On-Off switch. You can watch PolyPi Raspberry Pi Point And Shoot instant camera in action by clicking on the video below.

So what you have to do next time is just click your picture and wait, no you don’t have to wait as the internal thermal printer will print out the captured image instantly.

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