Priv, Balckberry’s First Smartphone

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Priv, Balckberry’s First Smartphone:- History is repeating itself, I hope you remember the time when keypads on the phone? If yes, the Blackberry was the one with the real great keyboard, but the only drawback was the operating system which was outdated and a bit complex.

What if you get that same experience that too on Android. Blackberry introduced first ever smartphone codenamed Priv. The origination of the name is also a story in itself, Priv stands for Privacy and Privilege.

This is a huge leap from Blackberry as Priv doesn’t run Blackberry OS, but it runs on Android not only this the specifications of the new handset is remarkable and keypad adds icing to the cake.

Priv, Balckberry’s First Smartphone

Priv comes with sleek and fancy design which supports 5.4 inch wide screen and the device runs on Android Lollipop; a marshmallow version is due in January. This will help the device run hundreds of Android apps.

The device some real cool keyboard shortcut which all of the other devices might be missing because they don’t have a keyboard. You can press to T or B to get to the bottom of the folder list. Press N or P will take you to the previous menu. When using email press C to compose a new mail and press R to reply to the on reading.

The device is equipped with 18 MP of the rear camera with 2 Flash and a dual-touch screen and slider.

The new phone comes with the price tag of $250 with contract from AT &T or $700 without contract.

The specifications of the phone is still a mystery and the device will be available soon in the market. For more updates, subscribe to our website and stay updated.

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