5 iPhone apps to sharpen your mind

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5 iPhone apps to sharpen your mind: There is no alternate to hard work, but you can always have a smart work and for that you need to sharpen your mind. Even our brain needs to work out so we bring you some of the really cool iPhone apps that will help you sharpen your mind and achieve more.

There are few apps where you can enjoy for free and there some you need to pay some bucks but it is worth while. These apps can actually help you do something productive. These apps are a huge pile of the variety of courses you can learn.

5 iPhone apps to sharpen your mind

  1. Elevate:- It comes with the tagline “Your personal Brain trainer” and they prove it. I personally have used this app and multiple levels never let the interest die. There are in total 29 activities which are made to improve the brain scientifically.
  2. Lumosity :- It is similar to Elevate, which aims to train your brain. A perfect app for the young kids. The best part is the custom training program. For example, you need to work on the vocabulary you make a custom plan for the same. The app also has an Apple Watch App.
  3. Khan Academy:-  A hub for new courses to learn. They have almost all the courses you can think of. The app has a really cool user interface and thousands of videos which makes it perfect to learn and it’s available both in iOS and Android.
  4. Duolingo:- Looking forward to learn new languages? Yes, this app would be the perfect choice for you. It makes the experience fun and memorable as it uses images along with the text a best way of reminder. In a nutshell, you learn while having fun.
  5. Udemy:- Udemy app bring all the experienced personal under the same hood. There are tons of courses you can try even some of them are available in demo version also. In this app you need to buy the course and you will get a personalized instructor. Go for guitar classes they are really helpful.

These were our top 5 apps that will help you with something productive. Do you have other apps? Feel free to share and share to the community.

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