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5 Most Addictive Websites on Internet

5 Most Addictive Websites on Internet Posted On
Posted By Anshul Samaiyar

Hello beautiful people hope you all are doing good. Today we bring a list 5 Most Addictive Websites on Internet. Many of these websites are knowledgeable and others are not, they are just there for fun. We are trying to do something different this time as we always do a lot of apps and gadgets.

These websites are the best way to learn and if required to kill your time. (CAUTION: You will become useless to family after reading this list!)

5 Most Addictive Websites on Internet

Let us go through our list of 5 Most Addictive Websites on Internet:

  1. Reddit:- Reddit is one of the most addictive website on this planet. There are millions of users that get online every day and 90% of them are returning users so you can easily make out how addictive is this website. This website has a huge number of categories and even you can find a category of your hobbies just a like community where you can come ask, advice and share your stuff.Image result for reddit
  2. The Useless Web: – The name explains itself. Have you ever been to Stumbleupon which is pretty much the same, but the best part no educational stuff of any learning. It will pop out anything funny or moreover useless stuff out of the blue.Image result for useless web
  3. Mental Floss:- Do you know A Custom Halo Master Chief Helmet Raised $34,000 For Charity? Well, this website will provide some random interesting facts just about anything. You can find facts almost about anything around the globe.Image result for mental floss
  4. randomusefulwebsites.com:- Edit: The website has now been migrated to new domain name as Discuvver. is now accesible at This one is my favorite, fond of movies? Well, I am. So this is how this website work you need to guess the movie just from a single screenshot. How cool is that. You can challenge your friends or even can come across your an old movie that you want to watch again.Related image
  5. Distractify.com :- Distractify is all about human emotion. It is filled with viral stories and hand-picked by editors which impact your emotions deeply. Also include informational articles with tips lime to raise your kid in safer way or how to improve your relation with your pet. Photographs that will blow your mind. The whole content of Distractify is very compelling and addictive.

These were our 5 Most Addictive Websites on Internet and we encourage you to go and visit these websites. Got any other cooler website, feel free to share it with others in comment section below!.

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