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How to reduce lag/ping in online gaming

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How to reduce lag/ping in online gaming: Most often you must have experienced lag while playing online games, well in that case you need to check your ping. So we will explain you everything as to how to reduce ping, reduce latency and improve gameplay experience in online games.

If you are facing problems with lag while playing a online game like other players appearing, then suddenly disappearing or jumping around. The foremost reason for it could be that your ping is too high.

How to reduce lag/ping in online gaming: What is ping?

Ping is a measure of your connection speed or the latency of the connection you are connected with. But many people think that a fast and a responsive internet connection is based solely upon a good upload and download speed, but there is one thing than that. That thing is ping, which is essentially a reaction time of your internet connection. For instance if you have aping of 96ms (milliseconds) then that’s actually the time taken by your computer to respond to a request by another computer.

So its very much clear that a very low ping time is required to play the online games without lag. Also the ping time along with the ping of other players or servers is shown in many online games. And if your ping is somewhere near to 1000 or more, you will definitely have problem while playing the games due to delay.

How to reduce lag/ping in online gaming: How to measure ping speed?


You can easily test the latency of uour internet connection through which is the most popular online speed testing tool. So anything lower than a ping of 20ms will definitely help you while playing online game as it is considered to be great speed. And anything over 150ms will certainly result in a lag. One might have the good computer in terms of configuration but it won’t help till your ping is slower as it will take a larger to react as compared to your peers, resulting in  overall lagging of the online game.


How to reduce lag/ping in online gaming: How to reduce ping?

As such there is no single way to reduce the ping time but its a result of number of possible solutions. The first, and simplest solution is to close all other processes and programs on your PC, do make sure that is no active download in the background as well as it may affect the ping.

Another reason for it may be that somebody else in your house is connected to the network and is streaming videos in full HD or playing online games through the network. So more the devices that are connected to same network and actively using the internet connection, the higher ping time you’ll have.

Even then if you are lagging or getting a high ping, then try to move your laptop near your router or it would could become even more better if you connect your PC directly to your router using an ethernet cable. By doing so, it may overcome any potential issues related to Wi-Fi or poor signal strength, which could have effected the latency of your network.

Even if that doesn’t work, try the oldest trick ever: turn off your router and switch it on back again after a while. Also do unplug the power cable from your router and wait for a while before plugging it back again. It may also fix all the problems which may have resulted in lag due to loose connection, and tightening them has helped to solve the problem.

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