How to get past Philips Hue’s ‘iCloud Sync’ roadblock

How to get past Philips Hue’s ‘iCloud Sync’ roadblock: If you have bought a new Philips Hue Bridge smart-light system and its up & running with your Siri Voice assistant on iPhone or iPad, then there is something that can ruin your excitement. There is an error you might face during the set-up, as Antonio faced while setting his smart bulb. We want to help you out saving some time, because if you have spent USD 200 for fancy smart-lights then you must be wanting it to work right away.

The Philips Hue Bridge was launched a few days back and provides full support for Apple’s home automation framework, the HomeKit. When you start to set-up “Siri Voice Control” settings in Hue App for iOSit will ask to click a setup button. Then a demo of all the exciting features will starts running on the screen, that you are going get out of it. Features like, adjusting individual bulb’s brightness just by saying “Dim the lights to 40 percent” or calling lighting effects for various scenes.

And That is when you will face the error saying that “iCloud Data Sync in progress” and will ask to try again after some time. If you try again the same error will occur again and again. We have got the solution for this problem, it’s not easy enough. Let see how to get past Philips Hue’s ‘iCloud Sync’ roadblock.

How to get past Philips Hue’s ‘iCloud Sync’ roadblock

To get rid of this “iCloud Data Sync” problem you can just avoid the syncing itself. To do this you have to sign-out of your iCloud account from your iPhone or iPad, to do this go to Settings >> iCloud >> Sign-out at bottom of the menu. Now, what is to lose here is that your all iCloud details will also get lost including Credit Card information that you were using for Apple Pay. That might seem to you excessive, but it’s an official recommendation by Philips.

After doing this your Philips Hue Bridge will be completely under your control and listens to your every voice command. What you have to do recover your Credit Card, is call your bank to get that card back on. But the good thing is your Voice controlled Hue system is online and fully functional.



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