Add Secert Buttons to your iPhone: Super Easy

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Hello Beautiful people!!.. Today we bring you something out of the box. Yes, you heard us right, we will help add some more buttons to your iPhone these are not exactly the physical buttons that we use but they work the same. I was going through this Youtube Video and found a video by TechSmartt this guy showed how to add secret buttons to your new iPhone and that is all super easy.

Add Secert Buttons to your iPhone: Super Easy

Add Secert Buttons to your iPhone : How will this help me?

  1. It is a Secert:- How cool is that? I mean many of the phones out there have at most 3 physical buttons including the home button. So there will be  an addition of 2 new buttons to your phone which makes it lot simpler and faster navigation.
  2. Got a small hand:- All those folks with the small might need this thing you need not need to go to the top left and right corner of the phone as you can control it right beside your home button.
  3. Get free Screen Protector:-  Yes, you get a free screen protector along with buttons added to your iPhone. It is moreover an icing to the cake

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Lets us see how can get it and simple step to install it.

To be frank ,I have just ordered it from Amazon.com and looking at the video which I have attached at the end shows it to be pretty simple and the best part they have tried to make it simple as possible. They also provide you the frame which will you make it super easy to install it neatly on your iPhone.

Buy this cool Screen Protector.

Feel free to comment below and please share the post and let others know about this screen protector.


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