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5 useful and fun apps for Apple iPhone users

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5 useful and fun apps for Apple iPhone users: Many times you ignore the particular things when you search for the apps. Here are few IOS apps which has something that will bring a smile to your face and its useful and fun.

Well, we feel these five apps that might not be the most popular or best in any regards, but are just fun and genuinely useful. Widely different in their form and function, hopefully you will love these apps and apply to your iphone and make it more joyful.

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5 useful and fun apps for Apple iPhone users

1. Kuvva

Kuvva is an app from the good old days, but it still works these days and its very joyful. Offering its selection of curated, original, and good-looking wallpapers for iphone. It’s available for $1.99 on the iPhone App Store and for $4.99 on the Mac App Store. Dowload for Iphone

2. Balanced

Balanced app helps you keep track of the important things that give your life the balance, which lack sometimes. This free IOS app will ask you to set a list of things that you know will improve your life and those simple things that we often forget to do, and it will remind you to actually don’t skip a step but actually do them. Download for iPhone

3. Flic

Flic brings a Tinder like interface to help you go through your pictures fastly and effectively, you can keep or delete image by just swipe right or left on the screen and can be assured that your photo gallery looks much presentable now that actually you want. Download for iPhone, buy free.

4. McTube

McTube is a free app that allows you to play Youtube videos in the background. This is the only feature of this app which is remarkable achievement for many of us who like to listen to longer talks or music. By this, you no need to on your screen all time and you can enjoy youtube off screen. Download for iPhone

5. Free Prints

Free Prints app offers you to provide free photo prints, and if you offered free photo prints, why would you ever say no?, but you have to pay shipping charges (around $1.99). One user can get upto 1000 prints a year and app comes with easy integration with facebook, flickr, dropbox and other popular services. Download for iPhone free.

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This post is all about 5 useful and fun apps for Apple iPhone users, share this and leave ua comments.

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