Yahoo Is Going To Block You From Accessing Your E-mails

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Yahoo Is Going To Block You From Accessing Your E-mails: Only for them who have added Ad-blockers in their browsers. Yahoo is testing a way to block few users from using their Mails, who are using Ad-blockers. Next time if you see an error saying,” “Uh oh . . . We are unable to display Yahoo Mail. Please disable Ad Blocker to continue using Yahoo Mail.” Then there is no technical issue rather you are facing the Yahoo’s new feature or say curse for many users.

Yahoo Is Going To Block You From Accessing Your E-mails

Ad-Blockers are ruining the Yahoo’s revenue from advertising. So the company has decided to take-away their kindness of free e-mail service if user has a plugin or add-on like Ad-Block Plus installed in their PC. These ad-blocker software or plugin prevents Yahoo from showing any advertisements and this hits Yahoo’s biggest revenue share very badly.

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According to research done by PageFair and adobe, number of people using Ad-blocking software has doubled in two years. Estimates are damage it will cause to companies like Yahoo and Google is too much. As per PageFair research it could result in a lose of USD $22bn in 2015 only.

The spokesperson from said,” At Yahoo, we are continually developing and testing new product experiences. This is a test we’re running for a small number of Yahoo Mail users in the U.S.” According to our resources the trials are being conducted in Silicon Valley group. Here Y-Mail users will be prompted to disable the Ad-blocker software after login, if they have Ad-blocker in their PC.

Although its not the first experiment conducted with detection of Ad-blocker plugins or software, but never done by any general purpose e-mail service before. Many news sites has already taken such actions against the users who were using ad-blockers.

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo Is Going To Block You From Accessing Your E-mails
  1. Lawrence “Corey” Hitchens

    Get a real business model besides shamelessly selling your customers hits and interests to the highest bidder and this wouldn’t be a problem. Really though I didn’t think anyone used Yahoo anymore except for pedos and spamlords.

    • Neo

      Yahoo still has its potential, and you can’t even imagine what big base Yahoo has in many countries. They need to do their business sometimes its dirty.

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