iPad Pro Users are Facing Screen Freeze Problems

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iPad Pro Users are Facing Screen Freeze Problems: It has been just a week after the release of iPad Pro, it seems that the user who bought it are already facing problems. This is the sort of frustrating trouble that can be expected with any new device of consumer electronics, but it is nonetheless irritating for both Apple and buyers of the device.

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iPad Pro Users are Facing Screen Freeze Problems

On forums like Reddit and the Apple Communities, the problem that is faced by the user relates to the screen of the device. Whenever the users plug in their iPad pro tablet for charging, several units do not respond, and cannot be operated till it is rested in order to turn back on. It seems to be issue with the charger, as in if the charger is not removed immediately, the screen automatically turns black.

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Apple has already admitted that there is indeed a fault with the display of iPad pro, and technicians from the company are looking into the issue. It is believed that there will be a around to the problem in near future.

On the support website of the consumer electronics giant, Apple has posted as to how to deal with this problem. Apple describes the problem with the iPad brown which failed to respond when you press button or tap on the screen and the screen turns black. And to overcome this issue, Apple suggests forcing a reset of the tablets by pressing and holding the wake up and Home button for at least 10 seconds till you see the Apple logo.

Despite the above mentioned issue related to display, iPad Pro is glorious. The outstanding 12.9-inch screen of iPad Pro is larger than 12-inch MacBook Air and Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The magnificent resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels ensures superb image quality and produces images with incredible sharpness.

And one of the aspect for which the device is being strongly praised is for its quad-speaker system in the iPad Pro. With the company having placed a speaker in each corner of the iPad Pro, it automatically emit stereo sound regardless of the way that the user holds the device. Also the sound quality produce by such an innovative speaker system has also been praised.

iPad Pro again outshines other in its opposition, as the report also quoted a user as saying that the Microsoft Surface Pen’s stylus pressure is difficult to control, also writing small type is much harder than when done with the Apple pencil on the new iPad Pro.

Issue in All models

According to reports, both 32 GB and 128 GB models of the iPad Pro are affected with this issue. Including both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of the tablet with iOS 9.1 and it seems that there is no versions of iPad Pro that is not facing this problem.


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