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What To Delete First If Your Phone Memory Gets Full

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What To Delete First If Your Phone Memory Gets Full: If you are going for iOS 9 up-gradation on your iPhone, then you might be running out of memory space with all your data on phone. As new iOS9 will require around 3GB memory space for which you need make few tough choices of what data will remain on your device. You must be having a large collection of memorable videos, pictures, and important apps that you don’t want to compromise. So we are going to help you sort-out this problem.

To make space for new iOS, you don’t need to wipe your smartphone but just select the files which are sucking your memory storage. Also you can upload your videos, pictures, music, and apps to iCloud, Dropbox, or your PC.

Refine the files which are draining your memory space. Open your iPhone Settings >> General >> Usage. In the next screen you will see available memory storage and under it list of all apps with memory space they have occupied. In Android, Same option is available under Storage section. There is also a option of moving your apps and contacts to SD card, which frees a lot of memory storage.

What To Delete First If Your Phone Memory Gets Full

Now let’s see which data files you should delete first rather that making tough choices of deleting your most loved memories:

Videos and Pictures

First of all, target videos as take-up a huge memory space. You can imagine it from the fact, that a one minute video took from a HD mobile camera consumes 78 MB memory space. So all your memorable videos might be tanking you memory. What should you do, is after sharing selected videos save them to your computer or delete them. A major part of your phone memory will get freed.

Pictures also consume a large memory space as you don’t count while taking selfies. Lots of them are so creepy you don’t even want anyone to see them, so why not to delete them. why keep 5-10 pics of a single hamburger. Share one worthy picture and delete the rest, but still if you want to keep them then take a backup in your PC and remove from your smartphone.


Every single song take more than 3 MBs of memory space and most  of us keep a huge playlist in our phones, different playlist for different moods. There is a best alternative for staying tuned with your playlist, try Spotify. It takes very small memory space as compare to your big playlist. Keep only the most lovable songs and move the rest to your PC. This will also release an enormous amount of your mobile memory space.


We do know that apps are not much big in size but if you are keeping many unused apps and it won’t hurt to lose them. Then do uninstall such apps as there are some apps which keep a big data for running like Facebook.

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If you are using iPhone then press and hold the app icon you want to uninstall. Same option is available in Android phones. The alternate way to do the same is go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage My Applications. Then select the app you want to uninstall. You can also remove unnecessary widgets from here as also take memory space.

Clear The Cache

Cache is the volatile part of memory which keeps the for fast access. You will never believe, the size it can grow to if you don’t delete it regularly. The longer you are using your phone the bigger it gets. You can clear the cache of individual app in Manage My Applications. Select the app and look for Usage to check for extra data it might be taking. Delete it if its large in size.

Best application for deleting all your garbage data that you can use is Clean Master. It removes all spam data, empty folders, cache memory, and temporary files.

Little Tweaks

That is not enough, there are a lot of options where memory is being wasted. For resolving them Clear the browser history, deleting outdated contacts, completed reminders, text messages, and old notes. It won’t make a huge difference but something is better than nothing.

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