All You Need is 30 Seconds to Fully Charge Your Phone

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All You Need is 30 Seconds to Fully Charge Your Phone: The researchers at a technology company has developed a new battery which is able to store a ultra-high charge so rapidly, such that it can charge your smartphone in just 30 seconds.

You must have heard about Quick Charge 2.0, quick charging, fast charging, adaptive fast charging, and turbo charging – they’re all usually going to be referring to the same thing. But have you ever thought of 30 seconds of charging your smartphone.

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The researches claim that they have developed a new generation of electrodes that too with new materials what we call it as MFE Multi Function Electrode. One side acts like a Supercapacitor with very fast charging and the other side is like a lithium electrode with slow discharge. Also they claim to have developed new materials which they have never been before. Its the real hero in the whole scenario.

All You Need is 30 Seconds to Fully Charge Your Phone

Yes, we are talking about the special nanodots, which are naturally occurring crystals around 2.1 nanometers in diameter, that is being synthesized and released into the battery to rapidly increase its absorption and retention power. They have developed a prototype that is able to pump up ypur phone with a day’s worth of energy in just few seconds.

These crystals of ‘Nanodots’ contains short chains of amino acids called peptides. These crystals also easy to make as well as inexpensive too and are non-toxic as well. The researchers claim that NanoDots can boost battery capacity tenfold times. The batteries that will be developed through this technology can be compared to a dense sponge, able to soak up power and retain it more efficiently than ever before.

You must be wondering as Why this technology is not in use nowadays. So let me tell you that the technology can’t be fitted to existing phones because the current batteries wouldn’t be able to handle the inrush and change in power. So we will have to wait for the special batteries to come in to market before we could buy them.

Also the smartphones integrated with such technology would cost up to $150 more than the cost of an average smartphone nowadays. They are also planning to expand the technology to electric cars soon, so that the car batteries could be charged in a couple of minutes, rather than overnight, as they are currently.

This would be all about All You Need is 30 Seconds to Fully Charge Your Phone. For more updates and news, stay tuned to our website.

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