Bracelet That Will Save you From Drowning

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Bracelet That Will Save you From Drowning: Self Rescue Bracelet can be a life-saver for swimmers and specially if one is swimming alone. This Rescue Bracelet is an amazing floating device. Now you must be wondering, how can I wear such a big thing as bracelet. Well, not to worry, it gets activated and expands on pulling. Designers has invented a new life saving design that you can carry anywhere with you.

Bracelet That Will Save you From Drowning

If you face some emergency situation under water for example leg cramps, then what you have to do is simply pull on this bracelet. By doing so compressed air inside bracelet will expand rapidly to turn into a floating device and bring you to water surface. The expanded balloon will keep you afloat until rescue team comes to save you.

Pulling on bracelet breaks the barrier between compressed air chamber and rest of the empty chamber. Which makes compressed air to rush-out and expands the bracelet into a floating balloon. Wu Xuexing, the designer of this floating device has decided to make it as an handy and improved version of our regular safety jacket or floating balloon. The bracelet is very thin and light weight and it wont interfere with swimmer’s activities inside water or outside water. The biggest merit or advantage of this device that you can carry it anywhere and everywhere.

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Designers : Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui and Zhu Peizheng

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