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How to identify iOS apps that drains battery of iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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How to identify iOS apps that drains battery of iPhone, iPad, or iPod: There’s one thing the smartphone community is absolutely agree for the better battery life. Everybody want more of it and that more will continue to be better. At least until we start getting a week’s worth of charge.

Of course, Its not a easy task to finding new ways to generate and store power, its similar to tough nut to crack. Especially, since every manufacturer on the earth obsessed with more thinner devices, with updated softwares and UI. However, the hardware powering your device is only one part of the equation, the other is the software.

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In Apple’s iOS ecosystem, app developers will provide timely updates to their products, as iPhone, iPad, and iPod users spend a ton of money and time watching ads within them. This incentive, however, doesn’t preclude apps from acting out, and draining your battery when you least expect them to. This is probably why Apple integrated a much better battery management suite with iOS 9, which now allows you to easily identify what’s killing your battery while sleeping. Here’s how you can check:

How to identify iOS apps that drains battery of iPhone, iPad, or iPod

1. Step -1

First, navigate to Settings > Battery

2. Step -2

After a short load, the pane containing drain estimations for each of the most power-hungry apps/services will populate. This is your first and most important clue. As you can see, in our case we were having trouble with Viber, which was responsible for a whopping 38% of the total drain in the past 24 hours. To get that in more specific numbers, click the clock icon on the right.

3. Step -3

Once you’ve clicked the clock icon, the battery manager will reveal more information about the app and its behaviour. As you can see, it’s not that we used Viber a lot — the app just spent an most amount of time doing something in the background. We weren’t using the phone at all, yet Viber had stuff to do and in result, drained about 15% of the charge overnight.

4. Step -4

To get an even better result of what’s going on with your system, you may can switch to the “Last 7 Days” pane, which works identically, just extends the reporting period. As you can see, while Facebook has been taxing on the battery overall, in the case of Viber the situations was just horrible, it spent an incredible 33 hours doing something in the background, draining charged battery.

5. Step -5

For more clues, de-select the clock icon we previously checked in order to get a summary of the most taxing activity for each app or service. In the case of Facebook, as you can see, the Audio component somehow ended up as the most power-hungry, Weird, but true. Unsurprisingly, iOS 9 correctly identified background devilment as the number one reason Viber is killing our battery.

Now, it’s up to you to solve this problem, here are a few examples of what you could do. First off, if its possible, get rid of the app. Just delete it and never look back— there are alternatives to it for sure. If the app is not irreplaceable for any reason, and you don’t want to cramp its functionality, all you can do is wait for an update fixing the problem. Finally, if the app is irreplaceable, you can head over to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and de-select the app(s) that are causing trouble. This will block the app from doing unusual stuff in the background, and in our case with Viber, solved the drain problem. By this way you can save your battery backup from drain.

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This is all about How to identify IOS apps that drains battery of iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Please do share and leave your valuable comments. 

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