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5 Secret Features That You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

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5 Secret Features That You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do: If you are a tech savvy iPhone fan, then there are minimal chances that you won’t be knowing every feature of your iPhone- according to you, at least! You must be helping your family and friends in uncovering new features of their iPhones. However, there are many special features that had remained hidden to many users until now. But today I am going to reveal 5 secret features that are yet to be discovered.Even if, you have owned every single previous versions of iPhone until iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, there may be few features inside your iPhone that you weren’t aware about. Now let me share these 5 things that you didn’t know your iPhone can do to make your life more easier.

5 Secret Features That You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

1) Help Siri Pronounce Names Properly

Siri has proved to be the coolest development in Apple systems since its enactment. Siri helps you to access your iPhone without touching it. Siri executes commands given to her though voice like finding specific information or launching apps. But Siri is unable to pronounce your name properly. Even it can’t pronounce common names very fluently. But this can be fixed!

Next time if Siri messes with your name, just tell her “You didn’t pronounce my name correctly.” Then Siri will ask that how to pronounce it. After you tell her, she will say right pronunciation every next time.

2) Block Numbers and Mute Conversations

You must have stuck-up sometime in a long group conversation which has no end, which is frustrating. One other issue is Spam messages which also fills-up our inboxes.

Thanks to iPhone technology, it can address both issues very well after the addition of new updates.

If someone is irritating you by sending spam messages in SMS or iMessage then open that conversation and click on Details in top right corner. With all the details of conversation there will be “i” symbol against the number. Tap on it and select the last option “Block this Caller“.

If you want to get out of a conversation without blocking contacts permanently, you can silence that conversation only. Just open the conversation and tap on Details in the top right corner. Then click slider next to Do Not Disturb which slides it to the right.

 3) Saves Data For Every Location You Have Ever Been

This is another cool but little creepy feature inside your iPhone that you might have never noticed. Your iPhone tracks and saves data of every location you visit until and unless you disable it. iPhone does that to personalize your experience with all the apps you use in different ways.

Of course it seems to some tech users as privacy infringement, but according to Apple’s commitment this location data is completely secure.

If you want to see locations you have ever visited with your iPhone, then Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services >> System Services >> Frequent Locations. All location details will be displayed on your screen that you have been recently. You can also disable this feature anytime if it makes you uncomfortable.

4) Set Physical Camera Shutter Button

This is one more pleasing option that was added by Apple in its iPhones, and only few know about till now. This is a default feature available in your iPhone.

Shooting pictures by tapping on-screen shutter button is sometimes very irritating and worse even when you are snapping selfies. But you can do that by pressing physical volume buttons which are on the sidebar of your iPhone.

Open your default camera app and shoot pics with volume keys which enhances the user experience. Also your hand will shake lesser while taking pictures.

5)  Use Your iPhone As A Level

There is a level in your iPhone that has always been hidden in your phone. This is also a cool feature in your iPhone that can be accessed by swiping left in your Compass application. Isn’t it pretty cool? This level can be used to hang pictures or setting up school projects.


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