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You Can Control Your iPhone With Head Gesture Only -Isn’t it Amazing

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You Can Control Your iPhone With Head Gesture Only -Isn’t it Amazing: Yes that’s true! If you have missed to notice this feature inside your newly purchased iPhone, its fine as Apple doesn’t make every feature easily accessible. Of course Siri has changed the way you access your smartphone. But there have been a lot of features remained unexplored and we are still digging into it.

Even if you are enthusiastic tech savvy iPhone user, still you might not have known that your iPhone could be controlled with simple head gestures.  Apparently, Head Gesture control has been there since iOS 7.0, but still good to know about. This is one of the coolest features that I am going to expose.

You Can Control Your iPhone With Head Gesture Only -Isn’t it Amazing

How to activate Head Gesture Control?

You can activate this feature by going to Accessibility Settings section in General settings.

Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Switch Control

Then click on Switches to feature a brand new switch. Use the source of Camera, that your iPhone can take as command to execute. For this choose Left Head Movement and a System setting for Siri. For example, if you want your camera to see you and when you shake your head to left, You want the phone to launch Siri.

As you have configured it, now come back by tapping and make Switch Control on. Now some blue boxes will appear, scanning each application on screen. If you shake your head to left, Siri will come-up.

The disadvantage of this feature is sometimes it misinterprets, but still fun to play with. The advantage of Head Gesture Control is for handicap people.

How to deactivate Head Gesture Control?

Just go back to Switch Control following above path and make it off. That simple. According to my personal experience this function drains battery little quickly, if I kept it on the whole day. Please your own experiences Head Gesture Control.


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