A Technology For Your Shoes That You Would Have never Imagined For

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How much do you spend each month to keep your sneakers looking fresh? With every new outfit, every color scheme, every change of venue, you’re back at the sneaker store to touch up your look with those perfect kicks.

New York-based startup Shiftwear has developed the prototype of the top notch sneakers that can change the color and pattern through a mobile app. ShiftWear sneakers kick futuristic footwear up a notch with animated E Ink displays.

These shoes will be fitted with curved, flexible screen with HD displays that showcase your custom patterns and animations.

These sneakers will be wirelessly connected to your smartphone via an app and will be supported on the all operating system like iOS, Android and Windows. Through this app you will be able to create custom static designs or illuminate the screen with amazing animations.

The ShiftWear sneakers make for a highly ambitious project, but it isn’t completely beyond the realms of possibility. ShiftWear sneakers are currently funding on Indiegogo. The funds being raised for ShiftWear are to finish off the prototype before a planned move into mass production. The minimum pledge for a pair of shoes is US$150, but in order to create the full-featured shoes, some pretty hefty stretch goals must be met first. And then, of course, all of the technology has to integrate and manufacture as intended. So if everything goes according to plan, backers may expect shipments of ShiftWear sneakers to start sometime around mid-2016.

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A Technology For Your Shoes That You Would Have never Imagined For

The design can instantly be changed 0n your shoes, the way you change your smartphone’s wallpaper. The app through which it would be connected would be more than a personal canvas. It is a marketplace where you will be able to sell your own creations to other people like animators and illustrators directly through that app.

Shiftwear sneakers come in five colors with three tops like low, medium and high tops. The batteries in these sneakers are said to last for 30 days, and the company claims a most simple way of charging them. And you will be surprised to know that it will be charged with every step you will take, apparently the shoes will be charged by the kinetic energy.

Since Kinetic energy chargers will not be able to produce much energy, so you will be provided with an alternative way of wireless charging. However if you choose to display a static image, then it won’t consume any power.

These sneakers will be waterproof as well up to about 16 feet and will be machine washable too. You don’t have to worry about wearing of these sneakers or tech in it, as the company claims that the soles are made with durable Kevlar that is used in making bulletproof jackets.

This would be all about A Technology For Your Shoes That You Would Have never Imagined For.


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