If You Wanted To Turn On Off Your Phone Without The Use Of Key -Here Is The Way

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If You Wanted To Turn On Off Your Phone Without The Use Of Key -Here Is The Way: You must have always hoped for having, a wake-up function few days after having bought a new smartphone. But what we can do to get such functionality, if we have already got the device? Well, now there is no need too worry, as we have come up with this latest app by devsuriv developer.

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If You Wanted To Turn On Off Your Phone Without The Use Of Key -Here Is The Way

Our modern smartphones already have a lot of sensory features, so do we still needed to reach for Power key turn screen on or off. Smart Screen On Off app is the answer to all your expactation. This application utilizes shake, proximity sensor, flap, and pocket sensors to provide gesture-based alternatives to turn screen power on and off. The biggest advantage of this application is that you no need to Root your smartphone for customizing it like other customization apps ask for. What it requires is, Device Administrator previliges to do its magic.

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By using Shake Sensor Control option you can setup your phone to get locked only by shaking it. For locking and unlocking you can choose different number of shakes. In my case this function didn’t work very accurately sometimes but still it’s a nice option to play with. There is a Proximity Sensor option also, you just switch it to on and swipe over the sensor near to your earpiece. Your phone goes to sleep and wake-up whenever you swipe your hands over this sensor.

Also it has got a Pocket Sensor setting too that will make your phone sleep when you put it into your pocket or put it on table. There are few more options but we don’t use them in daily routine. But when we tried all above features on Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone they all worked very well and quick.

Scrolling down in this app you will get few advanced customization options too like selection between screen animation and much more. There is also “Turbo Wakelock” mode if you are facing some issues with screen.

To download Smart Screen On Off: CLICK HERE

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