Samsung Galaxy S7 with heat pipe to solve Overheating problem

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Samsung Galaxy S7 with heat pipe to solve Overheating problem: Samsung introducing some interesting ideas in development of Galaxy S7. From the reports, company currently playing with the idea of equipping the next generation Galaxy S7 smartphone with a heat pipe. This new idea would resolve the problem of overheating and serve the purpose of ensuring that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship handset does not overheat.

What chipset Samsung will include in the Galaxy S7, but it is suggested that Qualcomm will play a significant role in the handset. The Snapdragon manufactured by Qualcomm had been abandoned by Samsung in favour of its own Exynos technology. The Exynos 8890 was expected to be powering Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S7, but of the issue of the overheating because of chipset, all Samsung Glaxy S6 units ended with the Exnos technology inside.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 with heat pipe to solve Overheating problem

The original hypothesis noted that the version of the Snapdragon 820 chip headed into the Galaxy S7 will be optimized for better thermal management and lower power consumption. Because Snapdragon 820 chip will run at a higher frequency than the regular version, a heat pipe will be added to help with the thermal control and resolve the problem of overheating.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is extremely reliable. The report adds that a new Geekbench test has done on the Samsung Galaxy S7 powered with this enhanced Snapdragon 820 chip, scored an impressive 2456 in the single-core test. The multi-core test also produced a tremendous score of 5423. If this test is authorized, then U.S. and Chinese customers of the phone shouldn’t have any performance issues to worry about.

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According to latest report, Samsung Galaxy S7 will be unveiled on 21st feb, 2016. But debates starting regarding how many versions of the samsung galaxy S7 will be released. For the next update regarding Samsung Galaxy S7  specification and features, we have to wait till its launch.


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