Latest Wi-Fi Technology Can Charge Your Devices Too

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Latest Wi-Fi Technology Can Charge Your Devices Too : A team of engineers at University Of Washington has developed a new technology which is called Power Over Wi-Fi(PoWiFi), Which can transmit both energy and internet from one router. We are always surrounded by Wi-Fi almost everywhere, but have we explored Wi-Fi from full depth?

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Well we can say that now, there is nothing much left to explore as we have got the technology to charge our devices without using wires. Power Over Wi-Fi system can power gadgets which are inside network coverage through inherent energy possessed by Wi-Fi signal waves.

Latest Wi-Fi Technology Can Charge Your Devices Too

Talking about their newly developed system Vamsi Talla, an Electrical engineer from the team said, “For the first time we’ve shown that you can use Wi-Fi devices to power the sensors in cameras and other devices. We also made a system that can co-exist as a Wi-Fi router and a power source — it doesn’t degrade the quality of your Wi-Fi signals while it’s powering devices.”

The technology was first announced in 2015 startup and is projected to be represented at Association for Computing Machinery’s CoNEXT 2015 conference which is to happen in Germany. This technology is going to grab a lot of attention from users who like electronic gadgets.

Now you might be thinking, electricity flowing through air! Isn’t it harmful to your health? But it’s not or anywhere near to trouble your fitness. As it transfers energy in very small quantity which causes no harm to health but is adequate for energizing the power sensors in devices like fitness trackers or cameras (not smartphones). During the research, engineers found that the peak energy possessed by Wi-Fi signal is sufficient to charge low-power gadgets like Fitness Bands or Cameras. Reason being, the way Wi-Fi sends out signals in all directions intermittently and causes large inevitable energy loses.

Now all science lovers would want to know, the logic behind this technology? In developing the PoWiFi system, researchers optimized the router to send Power packets over those channels which are not in use currently- and integrated sensors in any low-power device or gadget which can feed on WiFi signals. Which helped the team to make signals strong and consistent enough that can charge your device.

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In their experiment researchers showed that PoWiFi router can transmit enough power wirelessly that can charge a wearable Up24 fitness tracker from o% to 41% in 2.5 hours and it charged a VGA camera from 5meters. Meanwhile these studies they also tested the regular Internet access performance of the routers, which found to be unaltered in different houses. They observed no lagging in web-page browsing or streaming content(which is great).

Of course this small amount of energy transmission can’t compete with wired power transmission. But in future, with better signal refinement and technological improvements -we can achieve much higher levels of energy transfer wirelessly. Till then we can enjoy our low-energy devices with sheer convenience as they are getting charged even while you are using them. Still PoWiFi is going to make a heck of an impact if gets approved for regular consumer launch.

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So this is all about Latest Wi-Fi Technology Can Charge Your Devices Too. For any queries in your mind please ask in comments.


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