Gorilla Glass Makes Leap to Badass Ford GT Supercar From Smartphones

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Gorilla Glass Makes Leap to Badass Ford GT Supercar From Smartphones: Whenever we hear about Gorilla Glass, the first things that comes to our mind is usually smartphones, tablets and hybrids. Gorilla Glass is a specialized toughened glass developed and manufactured by Corning, and is designed to be light, thin and damage resistant.

Do you Know how the Corning Gorilla Glass gets its strength from??? The answer is that the glass gains its surface strength and scratch resistance by being immersed in a hot potassium salt ion-exchange bath.

And do you know how the Gorilla Glass became popular??? It was brought into commercial use when Apple asked Corning for a thin, toughened glass; it was then used in iPhone and became popular.

It is now due to its popularity and its ability to make strong and lightweight glass, the folks in Dearborn came calling to Corning when they were looking for a lightweight windshield for the Upcoming Ford GT Supercar.

Gorilla Glass Makes Leap to Badass Ford GT Supercar From Smartphones


The Ford GT windshield and the rear glass panel will use a Gorilla Glass Hybrid that will put the vehicle’s glorious 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 on display. The Corning Gorilla Glass will be taking a different approach unlike to that of traditional laminated windshield is comprised of two layers of annealed glass that flank an inner, thermoplastic binding agent.

The windows are comprised of three layers of transparent material. But, instead the innermost layer will be made of advanced Gorilla Glass and the center will be made of thermoplastic interlayer with noise absorbing thermoplastic interlayer. The outer layer will be still using annealed glass. Ford says that with the use of Gorilla Glass Hybrid for the windshield and rear engine cover makes both parts 32 percent lighter than when used traditionally constructed counterparts.

In the case of the Ford GT, 12 pounds were saved in total. Not only this, in addition to being lighter, the Gorilla Glass hybrid windows laminate when compared to traditional automotive glass is found to 50 percent thinner.

Although 12 pounds might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but weight is the enemy of high performance vehicles. And with this effort of trimming of weight in all area areas without compromising with the safety, it should come as no surprise that the company looked forward to a tech industry for solution.

Ford GT Supercar will be powered by a 3.5 liter twin turbochaged EcoBoost V6 that delivers at least 650hp, active aerodynamics and sends power to the rear wheel via a 7 speed dual clutch Getrag transmission. The price expected to be around $40,000 and will follow later in 2016. Only 250 GTs will be built annually, but Ford is using it as a test bed for the new glass, as it considers it for further, more mainstream application.

This would be all about Gorilla Glass Makes Leap to Badass Ford GT Supercar From Smartphones.

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