Fabulous Tiny Batteries Are the Most Portable Phone Chargers

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Fabulous Tiny Batteries Are the Most Portable Phone Chargers: Definitely, Smartphone batteries are NOT capable to go through all the day, it drains at the end of the day or might be in between the day. In the morning, we listen to an episode of Serial, check the weather and scan our social media accounts, all before the work day even starts. If our phones could talk, but they probably wouldn’t, because they’d be so drained.


Fabulous Tiny Batteries Are the Most Portable Phone Chargers

There are a lot of plenty of super convenient portable phone power-banks out there in the market, but they’re only good when you have one with you. These power banks are quite heavy in weight, take some space and bit costly. Thankfully, for the absentminded everywhere, there may be a well-designed disposable substitute coming to a convenience store near you. It’s called Mini Power or emergency mobile charger as well.

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The batteries assembled in a perforated sheet, possibly with the option to buy many types of batteries, depending on its mAH, 2hour, 4hours, 6hours. You can buy two, four or six-hour charges depending on what kind of a battery bind or bags you want. These battery bags are for the emergency purpose.

Disposable batteries bind

To be very honest, the first thing which reflected in mind, when we read the words, “disposable battery”, we are definitely not supposed to just throw out batteries in our garbage. Is there any different thing in these? The exterior is made of cardboard and it is biodegradable, the batteries are intended to be recycled at a convenience store that carries them rather than just tossed out.

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Until batteries themselves are more easily disposable without harming the environment, this is a really clever backup plan for when you’re in an emergency without a portable charger and your phone is on its last limb. We’re really waiting to see this design in fruition, especially after its Red Dot Award won this year. It would be great to know that in the case of emergencies, we could grab an extra charge-up.


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