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How To Get A Confirmed Tatkal Ticket Booked Very Easily

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How To Get A Confirmed Tatkal Ticket Booked Very Easily: Indian Railway is the cheapest and easiest mode of transport in long distance journey. After the addition of IRCTC(Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation) website ticket booking has become convenient for many users. Almost every Indian has to face Indian Railway’s ticket booking system at least once in his life. It always is a rush-job to get a ticket reserved and becomes worse if you have to get a reservation in Tatkal Quota. Here we are going to share with you the ultimate guide that is going to Get A Confirmed Tatkal Ticket Booked Very Easily without any flaw.

The majority of traffic on IRCTC comes in between 10 AM and 12 PM which is when IRCTC allows Tatkal Booking for commuters with emergency plans. Which makes it more difficult to get the ticket as the server has a limitation over, how many sessions it can handle at  a time. What happens when number of users logged in is more than the limit of server?- your session becomes unstable and you will face the “Your session has expired.” error again and again, which is annoying.

Keep these points in mind while booking the ticket

  • Tatkal reservation opens 2 or more days in advance: The first thing you need to clear about is when Tatkal booking will be available for your train. Tatkal reservation opens 1 day before train departure at 10 AM for all AC classes and at 11 AM for Non-AC class. There is a catch, if the train starts one day before the departure of the train from your boarding station, then Tatkal reservation will open 2 days in advance. For example, the tatkal ticket from Delhi to Mumbai in Punjab Mail (12138) opens 2 days in advance as the train reaches Delhi on the 2nd day of its journey. Similarly, advance reservation period, in this case, is 121 days and not 120 days. For more tips on booking tatkal tickets on IRCTC goto Tatkal Booking Tips.
  • Get a confirmed Tatkal ticket by extending destination city: If you are getting waiting ticket for your origin-destination station pair in a train, then don’t lose hope. Just change the destination to a station which comes 2-3 stops after your destination station, sometimes you might get confirmed ticket in this case. At least, you will get a better waiting quota list. For example, if you have to go from Delhi to Nashik in Punjab Mail (12138) and you get a RSWL from Delhi to Nashik (which has fewer chances of confirmation), but if you change destination to Mumbai you might get a confirmed ticket or a GNWL waiting list (which has much better chances of confirmation).
  • Get a confirm ticket in Lower Berth quota: This one quota is known to very few people. In this, if a female passenger of age above than 45 or a male passenger above age 60 is travelling alone, the booking system will consider them in priority and allot them any vacant Lower Berth in LB quota. They get a confirmed ticket even if there is a waiting list in General Quota. Please don’t confuse this LB Quota with Senior Citizen concession available on IRCTC.
  • Take care of date of journey: Sometimes first time user gets confused with date, if the journey is starting at midnight say 12:30 AM. In this case, you need to use a date of journey as next day.
  • Break Journey: IRCTC also provided a special option that if a passenger wants to take a break for some purpose at an intermediate station to his destination. You can do so, but the condition is the station should be 500 kms from the departure station. But you need to carry on with the journey in maximum of 2 days. You can get more details from Indian railways break journey link. But this facility is not available on premium trains such as Rajdhani, Duronto, and Shatabdi.

 How To Get A Confirmed Tatkal Ticket Booked Very Easily

Follow the steps that I am going to tell you to Get A Confirmed Tatkal Ticket Booked Very Easily even in most condense traffic days (festival days like Diwali, Bhai Dhuj, or Holi etc):

Step 1: How to fill all passenger details in an instant? 

In the first step, manually filling passenger details on IRCTC form is not going to get you any near to your confirmed ticket. So just use one plugin in your browser to get it done in seconds. You can use IRCTC Tatkal Autofill form by Visit the website and install the plugin version 3.5, the form is self-explanatory. Fill all details including your IRCTC login ID, Train details, Passenger information, and Payment options. Previously this plugin was free of cost, but now they ask for a small donation of Rs. 10 for their service. But it’s not a big deal as compared to the huge payment we make to agents for getting the same ticket.

Still if you don’t want to pay a single penny for it, we got your back. You can download this alternative plugin called My Fast Booking. Go to the website and install the extension in your browser (Google Chrome), the page asks for. Then fill in all above said details and click on Save Form button. This add-on has many advantages over previous one, as there is no limitation over the number of trials and you can make this plugin fully automized by selecting options depending on your comfort.

Step 2: Keep all your details saved in My Fast Booking form way before 10 am or 11 am, whichever is applicable to you. Make sure you are having a fast speed internet and proper network with you.

Step 3: There is a digital Clock on MFB’s homepage, which is synced with IRCTC, as you might be knowing the importance of every single minute during tatkal booking. So, directly open IRCTC website 10-15 seconds before the opening of Tatkal Booking for the particular train. Your User ID and Password will be automatically filled by MFB, just enter the captcha and you are done.

Step 4: The MFB plugin will fill out all your details automatically in a flash and stops only when captcha will be needed. Enter the captcha and it carry on to its job.

Step 5: Now enter the security details of your bank account to complete the payment. It will take almost 30 seconds to get a confirmed tatkal ticket instead of standing in queue for a whole night.

NOTE: Always use Internet Banking as the payment method on IRCTC to make it sure that you get confirmed ticket. Because all other methods use third-party merchant and make payment slower.

So this is how you can Get A Confirmed Tatkal Ticket Booked Very Easily. Do share with your friends to help them out.  

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