6 Google Voice command to take over your Android

6 Google Voice command to take over your Android, that are insanely effective and will make your smartphone smarter. The best of these commands is that you don’t need to touch your phone, just speak the command and let Google the rest of the work for you.

You need to have Google Now App installed on your smartphone. Please update to the latest version to use most of the commands. For iOS users, we are sorry the latest version doesn’t have those functionalities but they have Siri. Google Now can also be integrated with other apps, use can even use Google Now to open and close apps on your phone.

6 Google Voice command to take over your Android

  1. Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ON or OFF :- All you have to say in Google Now is “TURN Wi-Fi ON” or “TURN Wi-Fi OFF”and it is that easy, no need to go inside those jumbled menus anymore and it looks a bit fancy. The same works for the bluetooth as well.
  2. Flashlight On and Off :- Lost in the darken room? All you need to say the command is “Turn flashlight on” or “Turn flashlight off”.
  3. Read the messages:- Received a text and you are driving or doing something and can’t get your hands on your phone. A super easy command that you need to say is “read my messages”. It is that simple and the app will read the messaged and the sender name as well.
  4. Call and Send text :- you can send or call from your contacts, you need to say the command call followed by the name of the contact or text followed by the name of the contact. You can speak the text and the app to type it for you.
  5. Launch Apps :- Got too many apps that are too confusing to find? Let Google Now do the work, just say the command “Open” followed by the name of the apps and Google play with open the app for you.
  6. Take photos and video :- You can use “Open camera ” to launch  the camera and “Record a video” to record a video.

These were 6 Google Voice command to take over your Android that you can use to have a full control of your smartphones.

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  1. The title of this article is very misleading, I expected it to be about Google Voice or even hangouts integration, not Google Now Commands.

  2. Sweet picture of the ios screen in the, turn off wifi article”

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