You can watch videos at 360 degree on the new Apple TV

You can watch videos at 360 degree on the new Apple TV: Nowadays TV is not just a streaming box, it became the basic need of the person. The television is upgraded with a lot of features like internet facility, supports USB and many more. Along with the help of this latest app, you can watch the first ever 360-degree view on new Apple TV if you are watching a 3D video. The video can be seen only at new Apple TV with the help of Littlstar’s application.

This new Apple TV app is helpful in shops and mall for products and can be placed to watch interactive 360-degree videos. The new free application has contact partners like PBS, Mountain Dew, Discovery, Disney, National Geographic, and Red Bull along with this, having a multitude of categories like Technology, Lifestyle, News, Sports, and many more. The new Apple user can pan around 360-degree videos by using Siri Remote glass trackpad and can move the viewing angle up for down, left for right and right for left.

You can watch videos at 360 degree on the new Apple TV

The Littlstar’s application founder and chief officer Tony Mugavero which brings a 360-degree experience to new Apple TV says, “We wanted to give ability ti consume this content from their homes and is a social environment. This littlstar app will give an experience of immersive video.

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