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This New Password Method will Protect You Against Hackers

This New Password Method will Protect You Against Hackers Posted On
Posted By Amit Samaiyar

This New Password Method will Protect You Against Hackers: With cybersecurity a top priority nowadays, a team of researchers at the University of Plymouth have come up with a potential password replacement system that uses a combination of images, icons and patterns to protect your personal information.

The project has been built at Security Communication and Network Research Center and is based on an alternative to multi-factors dependent on hardware or software and one-time passwords. The Plymouth team in a new multi-level authentication system will be using images and one-time numerical codes it calls GOTPass.

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This New Password Method will Protect You Against Hackers

The software, Known as GOTPass, seems to be a little complicated at first glance. The first step requires a user to draw a pattern on a 4×4 grid, then choose one or more emoji-style images from a random selection of 30. When a user logs in via GOTPass, they will have to enter their username and draw the pattern they earlier created. This will further take you to a set of 16 images, out of which two are correct and will be the second step of authentication of the user’s account. Correctly identifying these two icons will then take the user to final step in which the user will be required to enter an 8 digit code based on selected images.

Well, that might sound you intricate? Well, according to the University’s own Centre for security Communication and Network Research (CSCAN) the method is actually far swifter than it looks on paper. And it has proven to be far easier to remember during the controlled trials.

Also in order to prevent yourself from being hacked, the online security needs to be strong so that is difficult to hack. And this can be achieved by using a combination of graphics and one time passwords.

This, in turn, will replace the existing token-based multi-factor systems which require the development and distribution of expensive hardware devices with a low-cost alternative.

In a series of security test conducted by the research group, there were only 23 successful breaks, out of 690 attempts by the hackers. This clearly suggests GOTPass is an effective way to strengthen the security in around 97 percent of attacks.

And a further analysis showed that only out of those successful attacks were “genuinely successful” demonstrations of hacking and the remaining 15 were later discovered to be a coincidence.


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