World’s smallest camera equipped drone Axis Vidius

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World’s smallest camera equipped drone Axis Vidius: World’s smallest drone is so tiny, and the exciting thing is- no need to register it with the FAA. If you’re a drone fan but not too eager on registering with the Federal Aviation Association, as all drone owners are now required to do – you may want to look into downsizing to the world’s smallest drone equipped with a camera.

The Axis Vidius is a cute quadcopter that’s approx 1.5 inches square and so tiny, it weighs less than .55 pounds that you don’t have to register it with the FAA, this is the advantage of Axis Videos Drone. Drones that have to be registered are between .55 pounds and 55 pounds, according to the FAA. The little camera drone measures in at 4.3cm x 4.3cm x 2.5cm.

World’s smallest camera equipped drone Axis Vidius

In December, the FAA required all pilots, even hobbyists, to register their drones online. It will cost $5 but the fee is waived through January 20. Information will be public access and so far the program has registered about 20,000 drone camera owners. Registration is valid for three years. While not having to deal with paperwork is a plus point, the micro-drone does have its drawbacks as well, it only flies for five to seven minutes on a 20 minute USB charge.

Key features of Axis Vidius Drone

Pilots can live stream footage in 420p via WiFi and can see it on a smartphone or tablet. According to the Axis drones, the Vidius can fly up to 100 feet away, performing 360-degree flips and rolls while streaming and recording live video. You can also immediately share your video through social media or email via the free drone app from Axis.

In night flying, the drone comes with bright LED lights which help locate the quadcopter in the dark. The website recommends the teeny drone for people who are just learning to pilot, this will save someone money who is going to crash new drones until some flying skills are developed. The device can be pre-ordered for $75 until 7-January-2016, while its full retail price will hit $95 shortly after.


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