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This Is The Time To Use Your Mobile Device Encryption

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This Is The Time To Use Your Mobile Device Encryption: Only few people encrypt their mobile devices and tablets. Why don’t we use such a great feature to secure our data from exposing to some wrong guy? Some users don’t know how to use Android phone encryption and rest just don’t want to use it.

You should know that if your android phone is not encrypted it’s completely vulnerable to expose your important data. If you lose your device by accident then it won’t be too difficult for anyone to recover data on your smartphone if it’s not encrypted. Encryption doesn’t stop a thief from stealing your data but makes it difficult for him to understand it.

This Is The Time To Use Your Mobile Device Encryption

You can encrypt both your device and SD card(if a slot is available in your phone) individually by using “Encrypt Device” and “Encrypt External SD card” option. This is a super simple feature to use and doesn’t take much time. Today I am going to remedy all your misperceptions and steps which you need to follow to encrypt your device.

What will happen to your Android phone after Encryption?

First I am going to tell you what changes on encrypting Android phone:

  1. Encryption is irreversible: You can’t disable this function if activated once. To disable Device Encryption, you need to factory reset your android phone.
  2. Need to choose a PIN: You need to set a real PIN or password to encrypt android phone or tablet. Device encryption won’t work with simple recognition methods like Face Recognition. Every time you reboot the device you need to enter PIN or the password so the device will decrypt data for your use.
  3. Slow Speed: According to experts, after encrypting your android handset the processing speed reduces, but I have never noticed any lag after my phone encryption.
  4. Prevents from installing unsecured apps: In some cases, encryption will stop you from updating your android operating system. For updating it, you need to factory reset the device to blow the encryption. Now apply the updates and re-encrypt the device. Also, it will be always possible to install apps from Google Play Store, that I can assure.
  5. Do Not Interrupt Encryption: Once started, don’t interrupt device encryption or else you will lose your data permanently. Depending on your data it can take up to an hour, which is not a big cost comparing to the security it provides.

If you are all good with this then you are good to go. One thing that I can tell you for sure, encrypting your Android device won’t change anything in your daily use.

How To Encrypt Your Android Device?

Android Encryption is a simple and straightforward procedure. I am going to show you steps to encrypt your device but note that menu locations can vary device to device. In other custom UIs like ZenUI, TouchWiz UX etc. might have some other requirements too.

Make sure you have a charged battery or else connect it to power supply. Then go to Settings Menu >> Lock Screen.

Set your Screen Lock to PIN or Password type and use a good quality password, memorize it.

Now press back and go to Security Menu and select Encrypt Phone option. Now just follow the procedure…

You can do the same thing for encrypting your SD Card if slot is available in your device.

Now just wait a while for your phone to complete encryption. After completion, your phone will reboot and ask to input the password or PIN whichever you selected.

Final Thoughts

As now, you must have understood how to Use Your Mobile Device Encryption which is not very difficult. It is for sure your important and confidential data will become more secure from data thieves. Data Encryption is a reliable method to save your important data- messages, contact list, and account information. Although you have encrypted your device but still it can’t provide you full security.

Although you have encrypted your device but still it can’t provide you full security. Few knowledgeable thieves have devised the way around methods to hack into your device like- Bootloaders, Custom recoveries, and Android Debug Bridge (ADB). These methods can extract data from your encrypted android phone. For example, Few Germen researchers have invented a technique called FROST (Forensic Recovery of Scrambled Telephones), which uses Cold Boot to extract your data even if the phone is protected with a PIN or password.

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